1 Dec

Dark Shadows

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Tim Burton the american director known for Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish (among many others), brings us one more of his lugubrious stories: Dark Shadows, the remake of a tv serie of the 60’s that tells the story of Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) the son of a wealthy colonist from the year 1700 that falls prey of the spell of an in love witch, Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), who turns him in to a vampire and in the midst of frustration by the unrequited love confines and takes away of the society to Barnabas until he gets released in 1970 Where he will arrive to demand his place within his family that welcomes him and helps him to be integrated into the new era, thus, the story revolves around four large cores: the history of Barnabas with the sorceress, with his family, the lost love 2 centuries ago and with the doctor who tries to help him to be mortal again.

The positive side of a story with a lot of characters lies in the fact that all the time are happening things that keep the viewer awake, the bad thing is that so many characters can considerably weaken the central argument or create ephemeral situations without weight for itself. Is really difficult to pigeonhole Dark Shadows in some gender, while many say that it’s a comedy-horror it involved many elements such as the history of love, the fantasy aspect, the twisted humor and the fact that intervene a vampire does not make it a vampiric story, so hard to decide.

As in 90% of the films of Burton appear his preferred actors Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, although the last one has a limited role in her may lie a sequel of the story. Michelle Pfeiffer is the other super star within the cast but her performance is not really outstanding, or bright, perhaps she’s not made for a secondary role. The piece has very theatrical interpretations, non-conventional, parliaments with exaggerated accentuation are of course part of the strange atmosphere that  shapes it.

For the aesthetic part we found many vibrations of past films of the director, however to the already known gloomy and macabre style are added a new vintage signature and scenarios with less plastic arts, less geometric, but not for this devoid of grace, the combination of the classic with sparks of darkness creates a required climate for the story. We should point out at the vestments, all the time draw attention with small glare or colors that end up completing each frame. In short, a good observer can enjoy the good assembly of each component within the scenes and an excellent photography.

Definitely Dark Shadows is not the worst film of Burton (inspect Alice in Wonderland case) But it worths to sit down and think for a moment why this director is devoted to the remake and adaptation: ¿there are no new stories to tell?. The story entertains yes, but each new film seems a continuation of the previous one, it would be right highlight the exception to the rule that was Big Fish. But Zerorojo will not condemn it because Dark Shadows endeavored to be healthily crazy (Alice Cooper should say it), with an adult, sexy and youthful humor and most importantly: entertains. Although is a repeat of the previous post: Come on! Is Tim Burton!!… we all know the risks to sit down and see him!


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