1 Dec

Henry's Crime

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

 Directed by the British Malcolm Venville (44 Inch Chest) Henry’s Crime tells the story, no question about it,  of Henry: an empty man, without plans, without desires, without ideas and without dreams, a complete robot, who doesn’t wake up until the strong emotions knock at his door, in other words, until he gets innocently involved in a crime, such a thing needed Henry to open his eyes and change of perspective.

The center of the film is its story, it doesn’t handle large locations or photography of another world, but it’s precisely the story the one that directs its own colors: Gray and warm, each chord to the emotions that flow between frame and frame. A notorious element is the continued use of the close up, this focuses the viewers and connects them to the nature of the characters that kind of proximity humanizes them: they cease to be mere interpreters to become those people that at some point in the life we have deal with.

The performances in general are good, the story is starring by Keanu Reeves (Matrix, The Devil’s Advocate), James Caan (Misery, The Godfather) y Vera Farmiga (Source Code), a responsable cast It could be said, however, Keanu Reeves often leaves the public dissatisfied, he is stiff, lacks of naturalness: that’s the point of his success in a film like the Matrix, the man is a stone! at times he gets able to connect with his role as a frustrated and mechanic man (nothing strange there) but at the time of vibrate he doesn’t convince at all, not as he did in Constantine. On the other hand James Caan needs no introduction or explanation: HE IS AN ACTOR and without him the history cannot be. Vera Farmiga is the fresh point of the story it can be said she is the one who brings “the warm aspect” to the film, but on many occasions her performance looks carefree when it could be more visceral. In spite of the fact that the main story corresponds to Henry (Reeves) the three vital characters are in the same situation: stucked, and precisely it is required that astronomical alignment between them in order to change their lives.

 The followers of the funk and soul will find something interesting on the soundtrack of Henry’s Crime performed by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings y Menahan Street Band.  Another point of warmth inside the film.

Now, the question: ¿what thinks Zerorojo of this film of 2011? It is very bland, from a point begins to be predictable, it’s not a mess, but… it lacks of emotion, however this is in a contradictory manner the point that can give it value because those are stories of people which everybody could feel some identity. It would be proper to say that a more mischievous narrative and something of black humor could have made of this a great movie, but it’s not the case.

If you have to choose between a Steven Seagal’s film or Henry’s Crime definately stay with the last one, at least with it viewers will be able to ask themselves if they are making their dreams come true.



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