2 Dec

Perfect Sense

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Directed by the English David Mackenzie (Spread) and starring the Scottish Ewan McGregor (The Island) and the French Eva Green (Dark Shadows), This tape of 2011 has a lot to say, attempts to point out what is really important for humanity. The story takes place in England, focuses on Susan and Michael two solitary that certainly do not trust in the other people, or in themselves, circumstances lead them to know each other and to eliminate the barriers that in one way or another have been held them in absorption, in parallel, in the world arises an overwhelming epidemic that affects the sense of taste, no one can find its origin nor predict its evolution.


This story makes a Maestral semblance of how human beings are isolated in thoughts and situations that do not allow them to appreciate life, shows how in what we consider small, in what we take for granted lies the pleasure itself and the joy of living, teaches us the face of fear and its ease to divide people and proposes love as a refuge, a protection that helps avoid confusion in the middle of the terror.


The soundtrack for this movie is in charge of the British Max Richter, nothing to say: is totally remarkable, is clean and sweet, blows with the events in each scene and fulls it of emotions, the music mixed with the script can touch each fiber of the spectator, without it probably would not be the same. Kim Fupz Aakeson offers us another fundamental point: the script, is beautifully written, communicates completely transcendental ideas in a simple manner, poetic. The structure of the parliaments is touching without being overwritten, is devoted to say what it is, what must be…without extending into explanations that don’t need.


The range color of the film is quite gray, there are factors to notice  as the follow-up of cameras to the characters and the voice over that gives a power and a semantic to the scenes that verges on the impressive.


The performances are excellent, however Eva Green takes the Crown, she gives shape to the story and becomes a convincing emissary of the message it wish to transmit. McGregor makes a good rol, but, despite he has a leading role it seems to be one of support for Green.


Given all of the above is easy to predict the opinion of Zerorojo: impecable. Time without seeing a movie that really moves, which puts to reflect and to think about ¿what would happen if?, which present pulsating situations for good and evil, in summary is a piece with high significance, with an important message. For anyone who likes to think about where we are and where we go in this humanity here you will find: the perfect sense.

“Without love, there is nothing”




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