3 Dec

The Resident

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Resident is a film of 2011 which intends to be suspense-terror but not, unfortunately not comes to that, there should be already a genre for these failed films: the gender nothing, because that’s all they have to offer…nothing. Directed by the Finnish Antti Jokinen, tells the story of Juliet Deveraux, a doctor who after a break-up decides to search for apartment, for her fortune she finds one in an old building of the 40’s administered by Max a lonely man who quickly gets involved with her and becomes her friend, just when Juliet starts to adapt to her new life she hears strange and disturbing sounds in her apartment.


This tape is proof of one thing: a music video director as Jokinen is ¿should stay doing what? that exactly, MUSIC VIDEOS! at this point is completly legal wonder ¿what in the name of God were thinking about the producers of this film? and even more shameful: ¿could it be that Hillary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are in an economic crisis as to accept projects such discreditable?


The theme of this film has already been covered in many others and  with a better argument, for example Sliver in 1993 (with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin). Certainly it is difficult to decide if it’s suspense or terror but it’s clear that all the time the movie makers are trying to frighten the audience with absurd and strident sounds that do not fit in the story, that kind of thing don’t make it spooky or contribute to the plot.


Zerorojo doesn’t want to talk about takes, or shots, or scripts, or  performances and ultimately don’t want at all to highlight anything in this film that it’s constituted as a great insult to the viewers: it’s only a commercial formula with two excellent actors who serve as bait for the unwary public to lose 91 minutes of their lifes.


Lack of originality and respect.


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