4 Dec

Being FlynnNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Paul Weitz (American Pie, Little Fockers) has surprised us with the direction of Being Flynn, a drama adapted from the novel Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (by Nick Flynn), it tells the story of Nicholas Flynn, a young man who after growing alone with his mother, remains in the eternal waiting for his father, a man who he have only known by letters in which always ensures that is a writer and that his novel will be a classic in the literature. Just when Nicholas ceases to hope, when no longer cares at all who is, was or will be his father, he reappears in his life showing himself as he is: a dreamer, alcoholic and away from the reality man, features that end up by placing father and son in the same spot, some will learn from the situation, others don’t.

Being Flynn is about several realities: be someone and be nobody, alcoholism, the life of the homeless, the ones that help the homeless, but before anything it aims to the idea of make our life according to our own patterns, about write our history without being influenced by the mistakes of others. Speaking of writing it sadly remains the cliché that the good stories emerge of the worst moments in life.

Like in any drama story its success depends heavily on the actors: Robert De Niro (Limitless, Stardust) and Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) are the delegates to interpret the father and son duo in a completely credible and sufficient manner. Dano is all the time in a debate between the conflict to forgive the abandonment of his father and at the same time of not leave him alone, he completely transmitted the frustration and helplessness that the situation causes him, in his performance there are no voids and it’s quite realistic. De Niro shines in this role, long time without seeing this actor playing a character so full of emotions, of ghosts, of life, of reality and he makes it perfectly: in spite of the “madness” of the character all the time can be glimpsed a note of melancholy that shows us his awareness of the reality that attitude remains strong until the final scene. Juliane Moore intervenes as the mother of Nicholas, a worker and spontaneous woman that never intend to hide the reality of the world and the life to her son, a role well executed.

The film handles cold colors, the story takes place in winter and the story cooperates to make this happen. There are pan out takes, seeking to show the realities and the lifestyles of the characters, very natural locations, nothing to look for aesthetic or dazzling fashion designers, as an example we can take the perfect recreation of the house of Jonathan Flynn,  in that way and not otherwise should live a person like him.

Very good movie, Zerorojo recommends it but not before making the warning that the viewer is not going to confront a garden of roses, on the contrary: It is a film that tells quite hard and sad conflicts but also shows the way to solutions. A point in favor is that tells a fresh story, unconventional, without romance, shots, or laughter…pure reality.

“Who in livin hell would want to  make a movie about your life?, that would be one boring,  redundant piece of shit movie.”[1]… Weitz took up the challenge and triumphed.

[1] Robert de Niro line as Jonatan Flynn. Min 35.


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