13 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


With more experience on the radio than in the cinema Mark Tonderai directs The The House At The End Of The Street, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot and Elizabeth Shue. The film that moves between the genres of horror and psychological thriller brings to the screen the story of Elissa and her mother (Lawrence, Shue) Two women who move to a new home to start a quieter life, however, the house of its neighbors has a dark past full of pain and trauma, their neighbors assured them they have nothing to worry about it, but there is another reality: the house has an inhabitant with dark secrets that will affect them for the rest of their lifes.


Three positive things about this film: the first: locations beautifully achieved, the second: good handling of cameras, the third: the short but attractive intervention of Jennifer Lawrence singing.



Zerorojo cannot say that this film is good, it is not. It’s boring, slow and without meaning, is not even entertaining, the spectator can ask several times when is going to finish. Frustrating. What else can you expect of a horror movie?


What can we find here? : The constant exposure of Lawrence as a sexual object, the typical resource to frighten with sudden sounds, more than one implausible scene and 101 minutes of our lifes…lost.


Bart Simpson says a phrase in the Treehouse Of Horror XVIII that fits quite well to this film and its situations: “What is that unearthly glow? The only sensible thing do is explore on my own.”


Zerorojo does not recommend it. Thumbs down!



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