17 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Sean Durkin is a young director, writer and producer who gives life in this 2012 to Martha Marcy May Marlene, a drama starring Elizabeth Olsen and Sarah Paulson. The tape shows an episode in the life of Martha, a girl  who leads a erratic life since the death of her mother, in her comes and goes she ends up involved with a “community” that lives in a atypical manner, with them Martha will do and witness reprehensible acts, when she decides to flee to refuge with her older sister, the harm has already been done: Martha is uneasy and paranoid, attitudes that makes her difficult living with his family.



You can’t really see much effort of the filmmakers to give memorable colorations or filters to the scenes, however, the atmospherics and locations are convincing, that captures the attention completely. The film makes a good handling of times but sometimes it’s very obvious: the spectator can predict the precise moment in which the story will go to the past and will return to the present. A key point: the soundtrack, soft and moving.

martha_marcy_may_marleneThe best thing about the film are the performances, Olsen makes her debut as leader actress and the challenge is not large for her, from this and other rolls you can guess that is a very emotional and natural actress, she can easily found the way to communicate the feelings of her characters. In regard to John Hawkes and Sarah Paulson, well they draw in an antonima way two different worlds for Martha…the chaos and the order.


Zerorojo has a divided opinion in front of this film: on one hand has to favor the performances and the story, but on the other hand, it is slow, in this case, it can not be solved with action scenes of course, but the script could be somewhat more effusive, more intelligent, in that way the public would be a bit more attentive to the story. In summary, if the viewer is accustomed to independent cinema and its almost real handling of times, then there will be anything to complain about and Martha Marcy May Marlene becomes as an acceptable alternative.


The independent film always leaves in the mouth an excessive flavor of reality.



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