This Is 40

6 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Judd Apatow the american director known for produce and direct comedies such as Year 40 year old virgin and Funny people, presents This Is 40, starring Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, the film tells the story of one moment in the life of Pete and Debbie and the series of circumstances they face once admitted to the 40 years, such as their fears, confront the change, confidence in the couple, the education of children, relationships with parents among others.


The film is quite circumstantial, the spectator comes to have the feeling that it’s a compendium of stories that the director exchange with some friends and joined it to bring them to life, presents very common situations. What saves it is that is not unpleasant and at times the dialogs have certain type of intelligence.this-is-forty06


The performances are not big thing, Paul Rudd makes Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann makes Leslie Mann and of course Megan Fox makes Megan Fox…there’s not much to rescue except that they are all relaxed in their roles.Megan-Fox,-Leslie-Mann,-This-Is-40


Zerorojo does not recommend it, there are other things to lose the time unless you have uncertainty of what would be the fears or situations that yo might face at your 40 years of life…is on you to judge.



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