9 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona took the time to weave thread by thread a story of mayor cut: The Impossible, great technology, effects, acting and production brought to light this amazing history that, being of the real life, actually makes gala of its title. The film is based on the true story of survival of a Spanish family that lived in the flesh the tsunami that occurred in the south east coast of Asia in 2004.


The special effects and production are excellent: the film promises a tsunami and that is what gives, to tell the truth it seems that it would have been filmed in that tragic day, the time of the tsunami and the devastation both are perfectly recreated, nothing in this aspect is at random.


Why if the story happened to a Spanish family the director chose Scottish, Australians actors and others? It’s simple, the story needed worldwide disclosure, all of the effort invested could not be limited to the Spanish-speaking audiences and to a few festivals, as well Maria Belón who Naomi Watts plays provided with all her advice and support during the shoot to achieve the greatest possible fidelity to the experience lived eight years ago.


After the storm comes…the drama. The powerful emotions that suffer the characters after the tragedy to be surrounded by devastation, the physical and emotional pain, are brilliantly interpreted, Naomi Watts and Tom Holland get afloat all the human weakness and strength, constantly touched the viewers,  they are so credible that seem to be there living that reality. It is surprising that McGregor was in an almost secondary role however his acting is completely praiseworthy.


The Impossible don’t  want to focus itself in the dead or in a tsunami, or in the suffering of the natives of Indonesia of which indeed gave the credit of the aid that provided in the middle of the chaos, The Impossible focuses on the possibilities that this family will be able to meet again after a so devastating event that take away about 250,000 lives, its title indicates it well: We don’t believe is possible  that a paradise is going to be torn apart by the water without giving notice, we don’t believe that we survive that, we don’t believe that we will go out complete…it’s simply impossible.


Zerorojo recommends it completely! In addition to all of the expressed above the film brings a powerful message about the importance of family and what it means. Thumbs up for this excellent production!


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