28 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The American director David O. Russell known by films as I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings, makes the script and brings to the screen the book of Matthew Quick: Silver linings Playbook, a tragicomedy of 2012 that tells the story of Pat Solitano a man with bipolar disorder that after eight months of confinement by aggression in a mental health center comes out and tries to amend the situation assuming a positive attitude, the way for Pat is not easy, but for his fortune accounts with the support of his parents and his extravagant neighboring Tiffany, she will give him a discipline that helps him to come out of the situation that has been haunting him.SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

This is a quite honest film, its appeal lies in the script: there are no claims beyond the stark reality. The story is credible and the reasoning of the characters is its strong point. The situations are somewhat absurd but possible.

The performances are excellent, the actors achieve a unique and remarkable complicity: relations between friends, family and couples are being posed in a concise way that indicate a complex fund. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence created one of the more rare and entertaining couples of the cinema: the first controlling his demons and the second controlling her darkness, as well De Niro is responsible for being the pillar of a dysfunctional, controversial and at the same time united family. Chris Tucker gives a fresh air to the scenes with a fun role that not oversteps.


There is not much to highlight in technical or photography aspects, the film is more intended to tell a story than to compose beautiful scenes, or drawings of aesthetic court, the camera follows close to the characters and sometimes it is more natural than it should.


Silver Linings Playbook has a good reception and numerous nominations for awards such as Golden Globe, Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Awards among others, the subject and the interpretations have captivated the public. Zerorojo recommends it, is a film with a fresh frame within a so predictable market, a good dose of comedy, love and intense reality.


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