18 Feb

The-Paperboy-2012Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The Paperboy is a 2012 film adapted from the eponymous book of Pete Dexter and directed by Lee Daniels also known for his work in Precious. The Paperboy is the fruitful meeting of several stories: The James brothers are investigating irregularities on data in the legal process that led to Hillary Van Wetter to prison, with the aid of the extroverted Charlotte Bless who convinced of the innocence of Van Wetter will help the brothers sharing details of the process with the intention to set him free, and in this way marry him. In the course of the investigation, the James brothers will discover that the path to the truth can be severe and quite painful.


The story is stunning full of surprises and harsh details, to be fair, if you could define it in one word it would be this: brutal. The relationships among the characters are deep and filled with an evident mystery, even so, the events are not predictable or common nature. The plot explores the human attitudes motivated by interest, madness, love, sadism and even, given the time in which it’s carried out, treats superficially the issue of racism.

The performances are indeed remarkable and surprising, the actors who always you see in the role of sexual symbols are now humans that exude low instincts in each one of their lines. Zerorojo is not the first nor the last to highlight the performance of Nicole Kidman and qualify it of magnanimous: in her role as Charlotte Bless exceeds her own standard of perfect doll and brings us a sensual, sexual woman without  subterfuges and satieted of the underworld. McConaughey performs a good role although at times lacks of strength he could communicate the sadness of his character. It’s amazing to see Zac Efron in a film of this court his role although devoid of the necessary emotions for a visceral story as this goes ahead, it’s probably not the time for Efron to share center stage with stars such as Kidman and McConaughey. John Cusack is convincing in the skin of Van Wetter, succeeds in overcoming unfortunate roles throughout his career and finally can interpret for real to another person besides himself. To highlight the performance of Macy Gray excellent story-teller.

LEE DANIELS - THE PAPERBOY - DAY 3-233_226_189.nef

The colors of the film are exquisite, they have very appropriate tints for the scenario, the time and the wardrobe, at times shows up a filter that recalls the lomographic Diana F, however when the plot gets crude you can observe an abrupt change to high contrasts and a more relaxed camera tracking, less concerned with the composition.


The Paperboy is a quite strong film, its attractive lies in the performances and photography more than in its story. Zerorojo recommends it, has a no predictable end and an appreciable crudeness, is rude and precisely for this reason can touch sensitive fibers of the viewer.


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