20 Feb

sinister-movie-posterNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Scott Derrickson known for projects such as The Day The Earth Stood Still and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose presents Sinister, a horror film that shows a turning point in the life of Ellison Oswalt and his family. Oswalt is a writer that after attempting to arise in the field of science fiction without success decides to change of gender and dedicate himself to investigate on unresolved cases of real life, this bring him the triumph and fame desired, when aims to start one of his new projects he finds harsh realities that go beyond his understanding, in his desire to seek the truth Oswalt will put at risk his life and of his family.sinister-movie-image-ethan-hawke-011

The story of sinister is not new, as in many other cases of the genre well may be a patchwork quilt of various movies, of course, achieved the task of cause horror and perhaps is to highlight that unlike other films doesn’t make use of unexpected sounds to generate a spooky atmosphere, in other words: The image and the story are the elements accordingly employed in pursuit of tense reactions in the spectator …very few horror films can afford such a luxury.

The photography is not dazzling, is more, borders on the normal, the responsibility of creating an environment truly electrifying lies in the handling of cameras and the monitoring of these during each scene: start with a place and auscultate it in a convenient and detained way in all the points that, when you join them, will generate the startle reflex.sinister

Ethan Hawke personifies Ellison Oswalt a quiet man who gradually loses security and gradually gets near to a controlled madness to be wary about what is possible and what’s not. Hawke is responsible to take each situation without exaggerating it more than is necessary, is not the role of his career, but he does it well.sinister-horror-film

Sinister can, in effect, have positively differentiating points with respect to other horror films, in addition to the above can be highlighted that focuses more on generating the amazement of the public with the situations that offers than with easy tricks, it dedicates to disturb the psyche with events not with exorbitant makeups.

In an incredible way Sinister had good reviews, perhaps because the way its developed is obviously very different from what the terror accustomed us from long ago, Zerorojo considers it as a good starting point to straighten the gender, but, not recommends it, the abuse of clichés touches the implausible: if we took in an orderly way multiple scenes from films of this genre and put it together in sequence we could appreciate a good “Frankenstein of Sinister”, that is the big error of this film: abandon a lot the story, its elements and in a terrible manner this cheapers it in alarming quantities… in this particular case it seems that the filmmakers thought: it’s not about the story, Is the way you tell it. Big mistake, both are of vital importance.


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  1. Enrique Kirchman March 22, 2013 at 3:03 am #

    Loved your review as well… Good analysis!!! I agree!

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