26 Feb


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Stand Up Guys is a black comedy made in 2012 and directed by the also actor Fisher Stevens, the film tells the story of Val, a man who after spending 28 years in prison is released, his best friend Doc will pick him up and pleases him in all his caprices to make him feel welcome, one of them will be released from the nursing home to Hirsch with whom both were allies in the crimes of youth years ago. Unwittingly the three spend the more crazy night… however, one of the three has the objective to kill one of his friends.

Stand Up Guys is a story that mixes two elements that at first sight may seem incompatible: the madness and the reflection, ideas extremely linked here to give life to a friendship without precedent: in which the facts are accepted as they come and in the same way are enjoyed or are discarded. Although this is far from being a plausible or possible story is quite entertaining and fun.


The actors are in the major leagues: Al Pacino (Val), Christopher Walken (Doc) and Alan Arkin (Hirsch) All the performances are high-level, however, Zerorojo emphasizes the performance of Walken and Arkin, as is usual Pacino tends to exaggerate certain emotions and up to revive characters from other movies to save the situation. Interesting to see that the actors (obviously deliberately) maintain an unsuspected calm even in the more erratic situations … of course, they are stand up guys nothing can surprise them, this detail can be the most attractive component of the entire film.



Ears wide open to the Soundtrack…excellent combination of soul, blues, a little bit of funk and Jazz. The soundtrack ironically was nominated at the Golden Globes for best Original Song for “Not Running Anymore” by Jon Bon Jovi, ironic because it’s the only song that is not in musical line with the whole soundtrack.


In summary, it worths checking it out: good plot, good actors, good ending and good music. Zerorojo recommends it, although it’s not the most ambitious project, has interesting factors such as: friendship, loyalty, what’s a priority and what’s not all linked by a screenplay and a few special situations that makes it eliegible to be seen.


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