28 Feb

DjangoUnchainedOfficialPosterPTNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Quentin Tarantino writes and directs Django unchained a western 2012 that tells, of course, the story of Django, a slave in 1858 that has a stroke of luck when the Doctor Schultz a dentist who left his profession to devote himself to be a bounty hunter, buys him and gives him his freedom in exchange for aid to pursue a gang of bandits that only the slave can recognize, in the process, Django and Schultz pass several experiences that unite them and that will lead them to the most complicated task of all: rescue the wife of Django, for this they must face one of the most powerful and indolent landowners in Mississippi.


The story of Django may not sound very original at first sight, however a common story can be dazzling thanks to a good script: this is the case. Tarantino again applies the appropriate philosophical formula that provides every character of the wisdom for its intellectual and social level, as well the extraordinary situations that arise within a common story gives it a brilliance difficult to overcome. Not in vain the screenplay was nominated to several awards and won the Academy Awards, Golden Globe and BAFTA.


For Django Unchained Tarantino has employee elements that often characterize him as fast closeups, explanatory flashbacks and blood in abundance, however could be noted that for this opportunity is perceived a more mature style, maintains the crude court, but it’s expressed in a different way to which the director has become accustomed to the public: the idea is there without compromising it much.

django 1

The performances are good in general, even so, as all the nominations and won awards shows, Christoph Waltz has a brilliant performance, the actor is completely convincing in his role of cold bounty hunter moved by the injustices surrounding him. Leonardo Di Caprio as always, knows how choose and develop the roles on his table, in this case exudes power, arrogance and security, the versatility of this actor does not impose him any barrier to embody the human being that he wants. Sadly cannot be said the same of the lead actor Jamie Foxx, in very few moments radiates the behavior that it would be own to a man in the conditions of Django, also the defiant attitude in this actor seems an output of any music video of 50 Cent…the slave performed by Foxx has a valuable psychological and exploitable fund that the actor fails to transmit.


The soundtrack is abundant and of course very inclined towards the western, good detail that did not discard the composer par excellence of the most famous films of the genre: Ennio Morricone.


There’s no need to say: Zerorojo recommends it!, has a quality worthy of being appreciated and admired, it’s particular not only as film but as western, raises interesting ideas about the power, the cunning, the intelligence and obviously as its theme so requires, portrays the slavery in fresh and unsuspected forms. Django Unchained reveals a remarkable change in the structures that Tarantino builds and that will likely be printed on his upcoming projects.


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