3 Apr

Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Velntine 3

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Blue Valentine is a 2010 film directed by Derek Cianfrance. Tells the story of Cindy and Dean a marriage deteriorated by a chronic fatigue that neither the love can ease. Thus the plot comes and goes between the present of the couple and their memories of the past, which establishes a contrast between the energy the duo had to start their relationship and the monotony of the present.

The story is interesting in one point: it is a faithful portrait of the heaviness within a relationship, is not a glimmer of fairy tale, it makes a suggestive progression that shows how in love is not enough to have good intentions, how sometimes the love is not sufficient to maintain a relationship. The cinema has been commissioned to show us many couple fights, and in the same way has found a way to get them to points of conciliation, Blue Valentine has this in its favor: is not the usual, the typical fight, the typical reconciliation…is more humane and puts on the balance the fairy tale and the reality ¿what weighs more?

 Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Valentine

The movie handles very chords environments to each situation, for example, the house of the parents is an environment and another very different the couple’s home, as well through locations and props is transmitted in a clear way the life style of each individual. There is a continuous use of extreme close up that may be uncomfortable, but this probably due to the fact that is not very common to find movies with this type of framing and there is not much familiarity with it. It can be perceived  considerable use of manual camera, that gives a natural air to some scenes.

Michelle Williams as Cindy and Ryan Gosling as Dean in BLUE VALENTINE

The performances are brilliant, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling have a special chemistry, in other words, in the scenes before the marriage the actors cast a tangible but contained electricity cause each character has a defined life project, but the chemistry continues operating in the scenes after the marriage, both Williams and Gosling seem to know each other from a long time ago and transmit it in a completely credible way, they imply that they know what the other thinks with their gestures, gazes, sighs and replies. In summary the actors bring Cindy and Dean characters almost to real life. Excellent!

A small point that Zerorojo recommends to those who haven’t seen this film is to observe in detail the photos of the end credits, they are highly admirable: have beautiful colors, composition and drawings. It worths to see.

Michelle Williams Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine 1

Zerorojo recommends it. Has an interesting topic that is not averse to anyone, is realistic, emotional, well-worked, the dialogues could be more loaded with content, but its simplicity does not affect the plot. The performances are highly recommended. However is good to clarify that this is not a film suitable for someone who wants action or pure adrenaline, an ideal audience is aware of the gender of the film that sees and knows what to expect from it, when this is accepted there is no space to the frustration.

Blue Valentine is a clear example of how a good movie does not depend on a budget while it has three key elements: good story, good performances and love for the project.


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