8 Apr

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Don Scardino more known for his work in televisión (30 Rock, Hope & Faith, Ed) directs this 2013 comedy. Since they were kids Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton dreamed to do magic, years later they become famous and have one of the most acclaimed shows in Las Vegas, however the time passes and the tastes of the viewers change, for this reason new figures arise as Steve Gray: a street artist that through stunning illusions conquest the public and finally displace the magicians, when this happens Burt and Anton try to innovate but they come into conflict and split out, this fact will open a new stage in their lifes to reevaluate their friendship and their profession.

 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Steve Carell Steve Buscemi

Zerorojo has divided opinions on this film.

The story is the eternal cliche: an X character loses his popularity, therefore he must defeat the enemy to regain his place in the world, in the midst of the battle learns many lessons, so…nothing new. The dialogs don’t have stability, in some opportunities are boring and in others are very intelligent and funny. It cannot be concluded how good or bad this story can be.

Talk about the actors makes the review something really difficult to write, for Zerorojo remains this vague feeling: too much Steve Carell, too few Jim Carrey! is possible that many fans of Carrey were waiting to see him in a more representative role but wasn’t the case, although his performance was brilliant the character did not have the time or space to get real, at least to save the situation arrives Alan Arkin who always knows how to give his roles an excellent personality.

 Jim Carrey The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Is unbearable already to see Carell with tons of make-up and shaved chest (even if is necessary to the character) and at the same time have to accept him as the center of the story, even more when he’s not good as a comedian, is quite clear that Carell was born to do drama (there he shines), just because he lends himself to clowning around does not make him suitable to make humor, contrary to this, is refreshing to see Steve Buscemi in his role of Anton because he moves away of that libertine and bohemian profile that often goes along his interventions, in this case is devoted to be quiet and innocent. Olivia Wilde is nice (there isn’t much more to say).

 Olivia Wilde The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Good original soundtrack: Lyle Workman responsible for other soundtracks as Stand Up Guys, Yes Man, 40 Year Old Virgin, among others, finds the perfect sounds to evoke childhood, the world of entertainment and especially: The magic, excellent work.


Very complicated and delicate that Zerorojo recommend or not recommend this comedy that clearly could be much better than it is, at times is brilliant and at times annoying. The conclusion would be: see it will be not wasted time, but nor won…is a reader’s decision estimate that.


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