15 Apr

Ginger And Rosa Elle Fanning Alice Englert

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Sally Potter known for works as The Man Who Cried and Rage directed in 2012 the drama Ginger and Rosa. Since they were born Ginger and Rosa are inseparable, they explore the world together and decide how they want to be based on the behavioral patterns of the adults that surround them, when they get older the girls begin to have different concerns: Rosa seeks the eternal and true love and Ginger is concerned about the world situation and the ongoing threat posed by the nuclear weapons to the continuity of life, this disparity of interests is responsible to cause a rift between the friends that do not seem to get a meeting point in their ideals.

 Ginger And Rosa @ Elle Fanning Alice Englert

Although the concerns expressed in the story are important and far-reaching, the story itself is simple and understandable. What matters to us in life?, what ideals are capable of separating us?, Why worths fighting for something when we can lose a friendship and even something of morality?, These and other more are some of the topics that touches this film, sometimes is slow you can also  consider it a little repetitive, explains a lot an idea that does not require further clarification and with this leaves alone some topics of the plot. However it’s interesting: the history places us in a time when the social anxieties were very different to the current.

The strong point (almost hypnotic) of this film is the genuine Elle Fanning: spectacular performance, the plot waste her talent, she is Ginger in flesh and bone, with her tribulations, joys and disappointments. Really, is a very shocking actress at her young age. Alice Englert in the role of Rosa is convincing but, cause of the script, she doesn’t shine. Alessandro Nivola is another primary character but at the same time, as it happens with Englert, only seem to be there to give life to the role of Fanning, to establish her situation, they are good characters but somewhat underutilized.

 Elle Fanning Ginger And Rosa

A totally remarkable point is the photography, excellent composition and art direction, a worth seeing job. The color contrasts are beautiful, there are unforgettable panoramics and selected locations.

 Alessandro Nivola Ginger And Rosa

Ginger & Rosa won several awards including the Virtuoso Award for Elle Fanning at the Santa Barbara International Film, Best Actress to Elle Fanning at the Valladolid International Film Festival and the Just Potter Film Award for Sally in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Zerorojo recommends it to those who enjoy the drama! It’s a film with several outstanding elements and with a good cast.


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