17 Apr

Upside Down Movie

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

In 2012 the Argentine director Juan Diego Solanas directed Upside Down a French-Canadian project of science fiction with the participation of British and American actors: An entire case of globalization. This is a love story in a fictional context that narrates the events that Adam must pass through to be with Eden, the woman he loves, the difficulty lies in the fact that Eden and Adam live in two parallel planets with a reverse gravitational force which do not allow them to go from one planet to another without burning in flames after three hours of visit.

The story is quite original, and the creation of the planets and the social tensions between them is innovative in more than one sense, however, the love story is not resolved in a completely satisfactory way, or, in other words is solved very easily,  but it doesn’t matter: all the love stories tend to be very similar, what makes them transcend are the scenarios and circumstances, and in this case, these scenarios and circumstances are true exponents of a enormous creativity.

 Kirsten Dunst Jim Sturgess Upside Down

Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess have the leading roles, there is not much to say: both are first quality actors, project an intense chemistry and make us believe in their characters, in the love and tenacity of them. The supporting actors have a purpose that is far from being the “puppets” of the protagonists, here they are responsible for establishing a social condition, of exalting the tedium that the oppression produces, to show the human struggles…they are certainly moving.

 Upside Down Jim Sturgess 8

The Upside Down crucial points are its photography and visual effects, these factors make it suitable for all audiences: the creation of the worlds brings us closer to science fiction, fantasy and even a little to the cyberpunk. Each scene has a fascinating and notoriously worked composition, the gravity handling is impeccable, each effect is striking. The photography is just beautiful: there is a symbolism through beautiful colors and filters that express individual and collective feelings. The art direction is difficult to obviate thanks to eternally memorable scenarios and the design of vivid locations, everything is worked until the last consequences, in short, this is a visual high  impact film.

 Upside Down Jim Sturgess

By the aforementioned Zerorojo recommends it! It’s an entertaining, original and well-worked film, an excelent piece of art.



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