1 May


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Not Fade Away is a 2012 film directed by David Chase noted by his work as director, producer and writer for television which has gave him seven Emmy awards. The film tells the story of Douglas a boy passionate about the music than in the middle of sixties decides to live the rocker dream and encouraged by it forms his band, his father spiritless by frustrations, didn’t have the opportunity to live the freedom and the rebellious spirit in his youth and differs constantly with the life style of his son who in turn ridiculed all scales of values that the father considers important.


The truth? It’s not a story that we haven’t seen before and with more content, honestly falls short, turns around two or three topics and that’s all, at times can be quite slow and boring, is almost witness the life of an X boy and the worst of all: in real time! In few words the story is not entertaining and for this reason the film is eternal.

In spite of the foregoing performances are good, John Magaro achieved to keep going his role even with such a  poor script; in fact that’s the case of the whole cast: James Gandolfini and Bella Heathcote give their best effort, their performances are quite strong, but not, in this case the story simply doesn’t help.


Everything related to costume design, locations and makeup is very well designed, the art direction is good: It can transport the viewer to the sixties in a genuine form.


The soundtrack is another significant point, it has an excellent compilation of musicians such as Elmore James, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan and James Brown, curiously, the anachronistic note is given by the band of the film (The Twylight Zones) it doesn’t sound so sixties as many of us would like.

 Not Fade Away John Magaro Bella Heathcote

Sad to say it because this could be a film with more charm, but Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! It has the sad defect of being overly slow and long without need…the final scene is the peak of the disenchantment and makes it cheaper. Other viewers may differ, everybody perceive things differently.


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