7 May

See Girl Run

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Nate Meyer directs this film of 2012. It tells the story of Emmie a woman tired of the routine of her marriage of five years who decides to return to her hometown to reunite with her high school boyfriend, however the trip will bring revelations that will make her reconsider her path.

 See Girl Run Robin Tunney

While the general history brings a beautiful message, the filmmakers could save a lot of money by making it as a short film. In the eagerness to fill space develops the more absurd situations: a woman makes an entire trip to see her former boyfriend and she hides from him the entire film, a man who seeks to live painting frogs and the worst thing of all is that his dad gives him money to pursue his “great” dream. Seriously, what kind of plot is that? The dialogs are insubstantial…honestly leaves too few to remember. Unbearably slow.

 Robin Tunney See Girl Run

See Girl Run is starring by Robin Tunney and Adam Scott, as in the previous entry of Zerorojo (Not Fade Away), it may be said that the performances are not bad…the story is not the best and because of that doesn’t generate any interest: good actors doing their best to convert the film into something acceptable.

 Adam Scott See Girl Run

The photography doesn’t impact at any level and doesn’t take good advantage of the locations.

The soundtrack is not consistent with the scenes, is not in accordance to the situations.

The idea is not to destroy a film, the idea is that the filmmakers come into a certain degree of awareness about the viewers time: a movie costs money and effort and for the same reason it is worth thinking very well in the acceptance of the final product.

Unless you are going through a crisis in your marriage Zerorojo not recommend it! A good message wasted in a bad plot…sad but true!


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