22 May

Beautiful Creatures

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Beautiful Creatures is a 2013 film adapted from the novel written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl directed by Richard LaGravenese also known for his work in P.S. I Love You. The film tells the story from Bella eh no, no, from Ethan a young man who lives in a village that he consider dead and boring called Forks…mmm sorry, sorry, Gatlin, things for him change when he meets a Young girl out of the ordinary (she is not a vampire) who enters his life and reveals him a world beyond the understanding of a human or mortal, in the process of knowing the mysterious girl, Ethan found in Lena a unique and special love …Oh God!

 Alice Englert

The foregoing is not surprising, this is a story more than repeated, at least in its first delivery Beautiful Creatures leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the spectator: the taste of watching Twilight again, but with magicians instead of vampires in a village with a more friendly climate. Maybe is rational to give space to the doubt in one respect: is possible that the story in the books could be better…

 Beautiful-Creatures-Alice Englert Jeremy Irons

The performances are good Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich are quite natural, however it would be good for to Englert inject a bit of passion to her character by moments is flat and not seductive. The film account with the presence of big stars as Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson, a bit surprising the case of the latter: her role as Sarafine leaves much to be desired, it sounds a bit sacrilegious because is this great actress but unfortunately her role is exaggerated, Emmy Rosum in her role of Ridley is more convincing but is not an excellent interpretation.

 Beautiful Creatures 2

The visual effects are not too acceptable: some are very well made but others are simply a disaster (worse than the baby of Breaking Down Part II). On the other side to not be unbalanced its proper to highlight a good photography and art direction.

Is too complex not compare this film with Twilight and this already is a clear disadvantage, it would be fair ask if the same phenomenon will occur…something happens with this story it can’t bewitch the viewer. Honestly is difficult to say if is recommended or not, the basis of the story are better than Twilight’s, without all that drama. In this opportunity Zerorojo only will say: judge for yourself.


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