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11 Jul

Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Argentinian Hernan Goldfrid directs this 2013 production a thriller with psychological suspense. The film tells the story of Roberto Bermúdez an eminent lawyer and post graduate professor in his town, when a murder takes place near the university, Bermúdez starts an investigation parallel to the authorities. To be fair is not worth explain more, synopses especially about thrillers can become spoilers with just one misplaced word.

 Ricardo Darin Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

The story is about research, about follow clues and evidence therefore is not something that we haven’t seen before, but it’s entertaining as this genre lends itself to accommodate different situations that aren’t necessarily similar. The plot is well articulated, however unsuccessfully tries to make use of resources already seen in American films especially those having to do with the flashback and is not as masterful as the plot required it.

 Calu Rivero Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

Ricardo Darin stars this film, this is not new: it seems that all commercial films of this country are starred by Darin … apparently there are no more actors in Argentina, despite this there is no objection to his interpretation as always is genuine and nice, totally mistake of the writers who intend to engage even for seconds a man of 56 years as he with a 26 year girl as Calu Rivero, what a mistake. Rivero offers a flat performance, but it’s most likely to be a script error than an error from the actress, her character is in mourning and the plot takes place in a time of 8 to 9 weeks you can’t perceive a real pain. The antagonist is Alberto Ammann, excellent performance: he hides, goes deep and maintain his mysterious profile, checkmated the characters in the story and so to viewers.

 Alberto Ammann Tesis Sobre un Homicidio

Is a little controversial the use of 2D format for this particular argument …it really doesn’t require it, if all the effort to produce this dimension had invested in improving some aspects of the story would have been more commendable. Controversial, yes, because we are full of technology and effects movies that blatantly disregard the argument which is what ultimately determines if the movie is good or not. For Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio was completely unnecessary and cause already had a good if not excellent photography by Rolo Pulpeiro.


Readers don’t get confused, Zerorojo recommends with tranquillity this movie! Palpable progress of Argentinian cinema and Latin American cinema is a production that has nothing to envy to the giants of the industry. Can’t say more…is necessary to avoid spoilers to the maximum, but it can be said that primary objective is acomplished: to entertain.