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23 Sep

The Bling Ring

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The Bling Ring is a 2013 film directed by Sofia Coppola brings to the screen the famous case of teenagers who stole celebrities mansions in 2010. The real life stories are as they are, not much to add to the record.

The film doesn’t have great content at first sight, however it insist on the life we ​​have and the one we want to have, on adolescence and the role models young people have, in this case: celebrities who certainly didn’t come out well, in a little veiled way the film criticizes the excessive lifestyle of the stars who apparently don’t have houses if not modern imitations of Egyptian tombs.


This particular case is more tolerable as documentary than as film.

There aren’t great spots to highlight, possibly locations and filters, but there isn’t anything spectacular to highlight and if there is, is really hard to identify.

 Film-Bling Ring

Performances are very natural, Emma Watson is on track to erase the stigma of Hermione Granger. To emphasize the interpretation of Israel Broussard relatively new talent, his spontaneous performance may surprise to viewers.

Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! It’s somewhat slow and repetitive, though: if you want to see how misplaced are certain sections of humanity, the modern youth sad concerns, give a fleeting glance into the home of a celebrity or see that in many cases the education that you give to your children is useless, this might be your choice.