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25 Jul

Los Amantes Pasajeros

I’m So Excited is a 2013 Spanish film directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Shows several stories of the crew of an international flight, how they relate and a series of circumstances that arise during the flight.

The film plot is fantastic, the viewer remains attentive and entertained, the scripts are funny and spontaneous, sometimes…very spontaneous. It’s a film about nothing and everything at the same time and it shines by its exaggerated situations and good sense of humor.

 Los Amantes Pasajeros Javier Cámara

Totally remarkable everything related to the visuals: Although the story suggests with some details that develops at the present time, all elapses in a retro atmosphere that is reflected on locations, costumes and makeup, the compositions are beautiful with a high aesthetic sense that in fusion with warm and colorful photography emits acid and summer vibrations.

 Los Amantes Pasajeros Cecilia Roth

The cast is top notch, Almodóvar knows his actors: Javier Cámara, Lola Dueñas, Cecilia Roth, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Blanca Suarez to name a few. Cruz and Banderas unfortunately, they appear few and Cámara takes his role ‘till ultimate consequences … something interesting to watch.

Homosexuality is a theme in the film, explicit and openly, relationships of this nature within the film leave too few to the imagination, excellent performances: convincing and very real, the comedy in the movie depends largely on this subject.

 Blanca Suárez Los Amantes Pasajeros

Zerorojo completly recommends it! Fresh air for movie lovers from anywhere in the world! As always Almodóvar shines and leaves nothing out of place. Excellent work and pride for Spanish cinema.



14 May

Movie 43

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Movie 43 is an anthology of black humor short films directed and written by a broad group of directors and scriptwriters as Peter Farrelly, Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill and Steven Carr, among others. The general plot of the film shows three brothers who seek with all the resources that internet can offer the Movie 43, a tape that has the fame to be vetoed in the entire world, in the midst of their tracking they watch a series of quite quirky shorts.

 Halle berry Movie 43

There are three words to define this film: rare, comic and heavy. Movie 43 develops absurd and implausible situations no matter this the humor is always present, the stories are extreme and grotesque. The film is very unusual and original. Some shorts are better than others.

 Naomi Watts Movie 43

The enigma of a film of this nature is: How such a cast got persuaded to act in a so crazy film? In fact the film is a constellation: Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, Naomi Watts, Gerard Butler and Emma Stone, all first class actors that lose all kind of inhibitions to take seriously the absurd and transmit it. In fact this is the most attractive part of the film: a viewer would never expect to find stars of this caliber in similar roles.

 Emma Stone Movie 43

Zerorojo recommends it! If you are tired of conventional films, this is your movie, bold and controversial stories  with a dose of criticism that certainly gives a moment of fun. Is not suitable for minors.


8 Apr

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Don Scardino more known for his work in televisión (30 Rock, Hope & Faith, Ed) directs this 2013 comedy. Since they were kids Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton dreamed to do magic, years later they become famous and have one of the most acclaimed shows in Las Vegas, however the time passes and the tastes of the viewers change, for this reason new figures arise as Steve Gray: a street artist that through stunning illusions conquest the public and finally displace the magicians, when this happens Burt and Anton try to innovate but they come into conflict and split out, this fact will open a new stage in their lifes to reevaluate their friendship and their profession.

 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Steve Carell Steve Buscemi

Zerorojo has divided opinions on this film.

The story is the eternal cliche: an X character loses his popularity, therefore he must defeat the enemy to regain his place in the world, in the midst of the battle learns many lessons, so…nothing new. The dialogs don’t have stability, in some opportunities are boring and in others are very intelligent and funny. It cannot be concluded how good or bad this story can be.

Talk about the actors makes the review something really difficult to write, for Zerorojo remains this vague feeling: too much Steve Carell, too few Jim Carrey! is possible that many fans of Carrey were waiting to see him in a more representative role but wasn’t the case, although his performance was brilliant the character did not have the time or space to get real, at least to save the situation arrives Alan Arkin who always knows how to give his roles an excellent personality.

 Jim Carrey The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Is unbearable already to see Carell with tons of make-up and shaved chest (even if is necessary to the character) and at the same time have to accept him as the center of the story, even more when he’s not good as a comedian, is quite clear that Carell was born to do drama (there he shines), just because he lends himself to clowning around does not make him suitable to make humor, contrary to this, is refreshing to see Steve Buscemi in his role of Anton because he moves away of that libertine and bohemian profile that often goes along his interventions, in this case is devoted to be quiet and innocent. Olivia Wilde is nice (there isn’t much more to say).

 Olivia Wilde The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Good original soundtrack: Lyle Workman responsible for other soundtracks as Stand Up Guys, Yes Man, 40 Year Old Virgin, among others, finds the perfect sounds to evoke childhood, the world of entertainment and especially: The magic, excellent work.


Very complicated and delicate that Zerorojo recommend or not recommend this comedy that clearly could be much better than it is, at times is brilliant and at times annoying. The conclusion would be: see it will be not wasted time, but nor won…is a reader’s decision estimate that.


8 Mar

90116 #18

Jim Carrey is an actor that generates divided opinions, some love him, others hate him and so many don’t give value to his work labeling it as  a clown, the truth is he began his career from down and today is a global level superstar .

You can’t be lightweight of opinion with Carrey, is an actor who has assumed enormous challenges  and took them forward in both the comedy and drama. Even though he began his career doing stand up comedy and of course the gender opened many doors for him, it cannot be denied that in the drama can be totally exciting and interesting, in other words: many actors can make drama but do not have the humorous vein and vice versa, this is not the case of the Canadian who has shown that no matter what the gender is he can play it with confidence.

Make humor requires a special charisma and intelligence, also to choose projects, this may explain the rise of the actor, who has made part of projects that have left an indelible mark within seventh art lovers: the characters played by Jim Carrey are unforgettable and his films can be seen once and again throughout the course of life, the best of al lis that this movies always will be enjoyed.

The characters that the actor embodies are very intense in the extent of what he wants to demonstrate: the madness of the Mask, the melancholy of Joel Barish, the stupidity of Lloyd Christmas, the innocence of Truman Burbank, the intransigence of Ace Ventura, the darkness of the Detective fingerling, the evil of Count Olaf, the resentment of the Grinch, among his many characters leads us to believe that for Carrey is not sufficient to interpret a script, these characters really live and they do because they have a deep structure that makes them almost real a proof of this is that persist in our minds.

Seeing him give an interview, present an Oscar, pay homage to his colleagues or receive an MTV Movie Award will always be loaded with surprises and displays of an acute imagination, the same that makes us be outstanding of his upcoming projects.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone will be released in March 15 (U.S.A)

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone will be released in March 15 (U.S.A)

Jim Carrey In Ciphers


  • He was Born on January 17 1962.
  • He has been nominated 6 times for the Golden Globes and won 2 of them by Man On The Moon and the Truman Show.
  • He has been nominated 1 time for the BAFTA Best Actor category.
  • He has been nominated 23 times in the MTV Music Awards and winner of 10 of them.
  • He has 1 daughter: Jane Erin Carrey.
  • He acted in around 38 films.
  • According to the famous page Rotten Tomatoes his best scored movie is The Truman Show with a 95%.

This Is 40

6 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Judd Apatow the american director known for produce and direct comedies such as Year 40 year old virgin and Funny people, presents This Is 40, starring Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, the film tells the story of one moment in the life of Pete and Debbie and the series of circumstances they face once admitted to the 40 years, such as their fears, confront the change, confidence in the couple, the education of children, relationships with parents among others.


The film is quite circumstantial, the spectator comes to have the feeling that it’s a compendium of stories that the director exchange with some friends and joined it to bring them to life, presents very common situations. What saves it is that is not unpleasant and at times the dialogs have certain type of intelligence.this-is-forty06


The performances are not big thing, Paul Rudd makes Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann makes Leslie Mann and of course Megan Fox makes Megan Fox…there’s not much to rescue except that they are all relaxed in their roles.Megan-Fox,-Leslie-Mann,-This-Is-40


Zerorojo does not recommend it, there are other things to lose the time unless you have uncertainty of what would be the fears or situations that yo might face at your 40 years of life…is on you to judge.