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5 Jun

Open Road 2012 MOVIE

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Open Road is a 2012 film, directed by Brazilian Marcio Garcia, also known by his work as an actor, producer and director in his country. It tells the story of Angie, a young artist that goes by the roads of the United States without take roots in any place, in her nomadic life she meets David a police officer who gives her his friendship and a reason to reconsider her wandering life, the problem is that Angie has been looking for someone for a long time and doesn’t want to stick to anything or anyone untill she finds it.

Is unusual an story, is not current find stories of women who are wandering alone in the world, yet still with its aura of mystery the plot is resolved excessively easy in a rose-coloured way, is too rose.

Performances are not high quality…the characters are very flat, they lack emotion, discussions are very normal, nothing that induces a reflection. Leaves much to be desired the role of Andy Garcia is too cliche, in the other hand, Camilla Belle confuses be reserved with be flat and expressionless, this error makes her role less attractive.

An interesting aspect of the film is its photography: not only has a good composition and locations also makes a beautiful use of natural colors and spontaneous lighting, is not easy to preceive the use of filters. We cannot say the same of the soundtrack, a viewer is expecting to hear music that remembers or evokes the road, the typical American folk music not these so harrowing ballads that do not generate an atmosphere consistent with the situation but very appropriate to sing in the shower.

Zerorojo does not rule out this movie because it has a good image and it worths to take a look! But the story there is not recommended, you can’t wait anything beyond a melodrama full of clichés! It’s pure drama. at your consideration!



1 May


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Not Fade Away is a 2012 film directed by David Chase noted by his work as director, producer and writer for television which has gave him seven Emmy awards. The film tells the story of Douglas a boy passionate about the music than in the middle of sixties decides to live the rocker dream and encouraged by it forms his band, his father spiritless by frustrations, didn’t have the opportunity to live the freedom and the rebellious spirit in his youth and differs constantly with the life style of his son who in turn ridiculed all scales of values that the father considers important.


The truth? It’s not a story that we haven’t seen before and with more content, honestly falls short, turns around two or three topics and that’s all, at times can be quite slow and boring, is almost witness the life of an X boy and the worst of all: in real time! In few words the story is not entertaining and for this reason the film is eternal.

In spite of the foregoing performances are good, John Magaro achieved to keep going his role even with such a  poor script; in fact that’s the case of the whole cast: James Gandolfini and Bella Heathcote give their best effort, their performances are quite strong, but not, in this case the story simply doesn’t help.


Everything related to costume design, locations and makeup is very well designed, the art direction is good: It can transport the viewer to the sixties in a genuine form.


The soundtrack is another significant point, it has an excellent compilation of musicians such as Elmore James, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan and James Brown, curiously, the anachronistic note is given by the band of the film (The Twylight Zones) it doesn’t sound so sixties as many of us would like.

 Not Fade Away John Magaro Bella Heathcote

Sad to say it because this could be a film with more charm, but Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! It has the sad defect of being overly slow and long without need…the final scene is the peak of the disenchantment and makes it cheaper. Other viewers may differ, everybody perceive things differently.


4 Mar


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


As well Zerorojo has been professed from the beginning this blog is not totally dedicated to the latest releases, although it’s obviously better to talk about today, it’s also important to speak of certain films that despite not being recent are true jewels of the cinema, such is the case with The Kids Are All Right a 2010 film by Lisa Cholodenko the director known for projects as Laurel Canyon and other contributions to the television world like her collaboration with the L Word.

Annette Bening Juliane Moore

The Kids Are All Right tells the story of a unique family structure: Joni and Laser are the sons of Nic and Jules a homosexual marriage that to conform its family resorted to the donation of sperm. Laser was always curious to know the donor and convinces her sister to seek him when she reaches the legal age, there is when they meet Paul a man who lives by instinctive way and that have not purchased greater commitments to anyone, however he will change many of his perceptions when he gets integrated with the kids and their mothers, in the same way, the presence of Paul within the family nucleus will shake substantially the relations among its members.

Mark Ruffalo

This is an excellent story not only because it can happen it is also because between scenes is highlighted one aspect of the social reality, the reality of family life and youth. It is soulful, spicy, peaceful and agitated, contains elements worthy of a good plot that look to entertain and make the audience think at the same time. The critical reception was good in its time, that made this film deserved several nominations at the Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild, in a strange manner only won the Golden Globe for Best Film Musical or Comedy and the Golden Globe for Best Actress with Annette Bening.


While the story is the entry in this film, the performances are the main dish, they are just wonderful, the cast has major names: Annette Bening and Juliane Moore give life to a credible homosexual marriage, nothing is forced and the roles are clearly defined, Bening has the reins of the situation and Moore within her insecurities leaves razing by her partner’s strengths. Mark Ruffalo who executes the role of the donor tints the personality of his character when it’s open to the experience of living a life that never considered his, however the actor before anything interprets that weakness so characteristic of the human: to be seduced, sin and forgive by all at the same time. Last but not least important we have the brothers played by Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson recognized youth talents that they embody perfectly the doubts of the youth, each one playing its role are to the height of the cast…excellent performances.

Mia Wasikowska Josh Hutcherson

If you are reading this and have not seen The Kids Are All Right, Zerorojo recommends you to do it , this movie makes a good approach to several levels of relationships that the human being handles: friendship, relationships, brotherhood, and undoubtedly makes a call to see the current styles of life and to have an open mind on the same.


22 Feb

RobotAndFrankPosterNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Jake Schreier the American director dedicated to do short films, music videos and commercials, Makes his debut in the big screen with Robot & Frank a film that develops In the near future and that tells the twilight in the life of Frank, a former professional thief that in his maturity and retreatment begins to have memory problems, his eldest son worried about his loneliness and disorderly lifestyle, decides to give Frank a robot that will be responsible for the work of the house and to take care of his health, the man despite being initially reluctant to the idea ends up accepting the robot, convert it his friend and step in…his accomplice.


Excellent story, is entertaining, critical and not very predictable. Tap sensitive points as the complexity of life in old age, the loneliness, the lack of spirit, family life and the changes that suffers, but also shows that it’s not the end and that in these outlying areas there is much to offer, by thinking and devise and that the difficulty to assume a challenge does not lie in the age, lies in the mind, as well makes a balance on the friendship and those on whom we found it.


Robot & Frank accounts with an excellent cast led by Frank Langella who succeeds in remarkable way illustrating the need to pretend strength when there is not, the bewilderment of see the lucidity escaping without reverse and the struggle to contain the leak. Liv Tyler and James Marsden are the sons of Frank, both have diametrically opposed viewpoints on how their father should live, each actor in their measure expresses the concern of being there and take care of the situation as they believe should be. Susan Sarandon is a good “friend” of Frank, is the librarian of the town and his anchor point with the reality. Peter Sarsgaard is the voice of Robot. No actor leaves nothing to be desired, all are excellent.


The composition, plans and locations are aesthetic and realistic. The technology shown in the film is completely adequate, convincing.


Robot & Frank In 2012 won the prize that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grants at the Sundance Film Festival, a recognition of $20,000 to those films that deal with the topic of technology, science, mathematics or engineering.


In short, Zerorojo recommends it: has an original and ingenious story, excellent performances, it’s quite touching without reaching to be overly dramatic. A film very balanced and fresh! Thumbs up.


28 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The American director David O. Russell known by films as I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings, makes the script and brings to the screen the book of Matthew Quick: Silver linings Playbook, a tragicomedy of 2012 that tells the story of Pat Solitano a man with bipolar disorder that after eight months of confinement by aggression in a mental health center comes out and tries to amend the situation assuming a positive attitude, the way for Pat is not easy, but for his fortune accounts with the support of his parents and his extravagant neighboring Tiffany, she will give him a discipline that helps him to come out of the situation that has been haunting him.SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

This is a quite honest film, its appeal lies in the script: there are no claims beyond the stark reality. The story is credible and the reasoning of the characters is its strong point. The situations are somewhat absurd but possible.

The performances are excellent, the actors achieve a unique and remarkable complicity: relations between friends, family and couples are being posed in a concise way that indicate a complex fund. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence created one of the more rare and entertaining couples of the cinema: the first controlling his demons and the second controlling her darkness, as well De Niro is responsible for being the pillar of a dysfunctional, controversial and at the same time united family. Chris Tucker gives a fresh air to the scenes with a fun role that not oversteps.


There is not much to highlight in technical or photography aspects, the film is more intended to tell a story than to compose beautiful scenes, or drawings of aesthetic court, the camera follows close to the characters and sometimes it is more natural than it should.


Silver Linings Playbook has a good reception and numerous nominations for awards such as Golden Globe, Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Awards among others, the subject and the interpretations have captivated the public. Zerorojo recommends it, is a film with a fresh frame within a so predictable market, a good dose of comedy, love and intense reality.


9 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona took the time to weave thread by thread a story of mayor cut: The Impossible, great technology, effects, acting and production brought to light this amazing history that, being of the real life, actually makes gala of its title. The film is based on the true story of survival of a Spanish family that lived in the flesh the tsunami that occurred in the south east coast of Asia in 2004.


The special effects and production are excellent: the film promises a tsunami and that is what gives, to tell the truth it seems that it would have been filmed in that tragic day, the time of the tsunami and the devastation both are perfectly recreated, nothing in this aspect is at random.


Why if the story happened to a Spanish family the director chose Scottish, Australians actors and others? It’s simple, the story needed worldwide disclosure, all of the effort invested could not be limited to the Spanish-speaking audiences and to a few festivals, as well Maria Belón who Naomi Watts plays provided with all her advice and support during the shoot to achieve the greatest possible fidelity to the experience lived eight years ago.


After the storm comes…the drama. The powerful emotions that suffer the characters after the tragedy to be surrounded by devastation, the physical and emotional pain, are brilliantly interpreted, Naomi Watts and Tom Holland get afloat all the human weakness and strength, constantly touched the viewers,  they are so credible that seem to be there living that reality. It is surprising that McGregor was in an almost secondary role however his acting is completely praiseworthy.


The Impossible don’t  want to focus itself in the dead or in a tsunami, or in the suffering of the natives of Indonesia of which indeed gave the credit of the aid that provided in the middle of the chaos, The Impossible focuses on the possibilities that this family will be able to meet again after a so devastating event that take away about 250,000 lives, its title indicates it well: We don’t believe is possible  that a paradise is going to be torn apart by the water without giving notice, we don’t believe that we survive that, we don’t believe that we will go out complete…it’s simply impossible.


Zerorojo recommends it completely! In addition to all of the expressed above the film brings a powerful message about the importance of family and what it means. Thumbs up for this excellent production!


10 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The Scottish director Lynne Ramsay makes the adaptation to film We Need To Talk About Kevin eponymous book written by the American Lionel Shriver. It’s natural not to connect with the people, not to rely on them, not believing them, however, when all this is felt by a child things change: Eve struggles to connect with his son Kevin, makes all the efforts of a mother by loving and educate him, but Kevin only gives her rejection and evil natural-born apparently, in these circumstances he grows and becomes a human being difficult to decipher, when Eve discovers the true scope of Kevin, may be too late.44692000001_1252993297001_we-need-to-talk-about-kevin-osc-t

The film has good photography, such, that only with images the story could be understood. The symbology of the color is present all the time, an aspect that gives more character to the scenes. There are various locations that are especially responsible to mark the times: past and present.

cannes-2011-3-clips-de-we-need-to-talk-about-kevinThe performances are very good Tilda Swinton expresses perfectly the commotion that causes her the relationship with her child, the impotence and frustration of not being in control of the situation. John C. Reilly gives us a role that has already learned: a good and conciliator man that wants to give reason to all, in the meantime Ezra Miller begins to shore up his nascent career with this dense and full of character role.

we-need-to-talk-about-kevin-movie-poster-600x300Zerorojo recommends this family and social horror drama, not only due to the complexity of the story, also because it shows realities that for many of us are not familiar. Perhaps in some way explains the emergence of certain macabre minds that by moments have paralyzed the world with their sinister acts. Has points of reflection: it does not go in vain, the situation that has arisen in the movie certainly can leave the viewers questioning themselves one or two issues…most of all the importance that parents agree on the education of their children.