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5 Jun

Open Road 2012 MOVIE

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Open Road is a 2012 film, directed by Brazilian Marcio Garcia, also known by his work as an actor, producer and director in his country. It tells the story of Angie, a young artist that goes by the roads of the United States without take roots in any place, in her nomadic life she meets David a police officer who gives her his friendship and a reason to reconsider her wandering life, the problem is that Angie has been looking for someone for a long time and doesn’t want to stick to anything or anyone untill she finds it.

Is unusual an story, is not current find stories of women who are wandering alone in the world, yet still with its aura of mystery the plot is resolved excessively easy in a rose-coloured way, is too rose.

Performances are not high quality…the characters are very flat, they lack emotion, discussions are very normal, nothing that induces a reflection. Leaves much to be desired the role of Andy Garcia is too cliche, in the other hand, Camilla Belle confuses be reserved with be flat and expressionless, this error makes her role less attractive.

An interesting aspect of the film is its photography: not only has a good composition and locations also makes a beautiful use of natural colors and spontaneous lighting, is not easy to preceive the use of filters. We cannot say the same of the soundtrack, a viewer is expecting to hear music that remembers or evokes the road, the typical American folk music not these so harrowing ballads that do not generate an atmosphere consistent with the situation but very appropriate to sing in the shower.

Zerorojo does not rule out this movie because it has a good image and it worths to take a look! But the story there is not recommended, you can’t wait anything beyond a melodrama full of clichés! It’s pure drama. at your consideration!



30 May

I Give It A Year

Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película.

I Give It a Year es una comedia romántica británica dirigida por Dan Mazer escritor que colaboró en la preparación de personajes como Ali G y Borat. Nos cuenta la historia de Nat y Josh una pareja que se conoce y en plena fase de enamoramiento decide casarse, cuando se difumina la belleza del noviazgo, la pareja empieza a preguntarse si tomó la decisión correcta al dar el acepto en el altar.

 I Give It A Year

La historia es muy ligera, es decir: no lágrimas, a pesar de que la situación presentada es muy difícil de afrontar en la vida real, en la película se busca aligerar la problemática con situaciones humorísticas y algunos diálogos disparatados. Definitivamente no es la mejor comedia romántica británica que hay, los diálogos en oportunidades son bastante flojos, sobretodo aquellos que pretenden hacer reír.


Las actuaciones no sobrepasan ninguna expectativa, esto no se debe tanto a los actores en sí (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker) si no a la historia que no da para grandes interpretaciones, lo mismo podrían ser ellos o actores naturales.

Lo más rescatable de la cinta es el mensaje, puede hacer que algunos espectadores se cuestionen: estoy listo para casarme? O estoy listo para casarme con mi pareja actual?….de resto….

Zerorojo no la recomienda! Aún se mantiene la fe de que hay películas mejores, comedias británicas mejores.


26 Apr

Liberal Arts

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Liberal Arts is a 2012 film written, directed and starred by Josh Radnor also known for writing and starring Happythankyoumoreplease a film of 2010 where Radnor made his debut as director. Liberal Arts narrates an episode in the life of Jesse Fisher a school counselor overwhelmed by the daily life of New York, in the middle of the tedium his dearest professor of the university call to inviting him to his retirement party this makes Jesse evokes his university times and see the adult life as an absurd routine in which there is no freedom to live, in the middle of his trip Jesse meets Zibby a 19-year-old girl who shows him a fresh view of the world and enters quickly in his heart, the problem is that Jesse is 35 years old.

 Josh Radnor Elizabeth Olsen Liberal Arts

The story is laudable especially cause it’s possible and realistic, anyone can go through that stage in which recall the youth makes rethinking the adulthood, in other words is a story which many people can be identified with. The script is good enough: it has lucidity moments and flat moments.

 Elizabeth Olsen Josh Radnor Liberal Arts

The criticism point of the film is in its performances and not because these are bad, the matter lies in the fact that Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen are too type-casted, there’s not much difference between this roles and the characters of their latest films, when it comes to act is not enough to have charisma versatility is also very necessary. Supporting actors give a fresh air to the story Richard Jenkins makes us live the anguish of retirement, Elizabeth Reaser interprets a short rol but beautiful and peaceful, despite his brief appearance Zach Efron achieved an interesting, essential and fun presence inside the frame.

Zac Efron Liberal Arts

It would be interesting  that in his coming projects Radnor tries to create stories that don’t focus on him as was the case of Happythankyoumoreplease and now of Liberal Arts, is necessary to let the plot breathe and allow the participation and contributions of others. This doesn’t mean his works haven’t been interesting and worthwhile.

Zerorojo recommends it! is a film in which young people and adults may be interested, however, those who are in their thirties may find higher affinities with the story.


15 Apr

Ginger And Rosa Elle Fanning Alice Englert

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Sally Potter known for works as The Man Who Cried and Rage directed in 2012 the drama Ginger and Rosa. Since they were born Ginger and Rosa are inseparable, they explore the world together and decide how they want to be based on the behavioral patterns of the adults that surround them, when they get older the girls begin to have different concerns: Rosa seeks the eternal and true love and Ginger is concerned about the world situation and the ongoing threat posed by the nuclear weapons to the continuity of life, this disparity of interests is responsible to cause a rift between the friends that do not seem to get a meeting point in their ideals.

 Ginger And Rosa @ Elle Fanning Alice Englert

Although the concerns expressed in the story are important and far-reaching, the story itself is simple and understandable. What matters to us in life?, what ideals are capable of separating us?, Why worths fighting for something when we can lose a friendship and even something of morality?, These and other more are some of the topics that touches this film, sometimes is slow you can also  consider it a little repetitive, explains a lot an idea that does not require further clarification and with this leaves alone some topics of the plot. However it’s interesting: the history places us in a time when the social anxieties were very different to the current.

The strong point (almost hypnotic) of this film is the genuine Elle Fanning: spectacular performance, the plot waste her talent, she is Ginger in flesh and bone, with her tribulations, joys and disappointments. Really, is a very shocking actress at her young age. Alice Englert in the role of Rosa is convincing but, cause of the script, she doesn’t shine. Alessandro Nivola is another primary character but at the same time, as it happens with Englert, only seem to be there to give life to the role of Fanning, to establish her situation, they are good characters but somewhat underutilized.

 Elle Fanning Ginger And Rosa

A totally remarkable point is the photography, excellent composition and art direction, a worth seeing job. The color contrasts are beautiful, there are unforgettable panoramics and selected locations.

 Alessandro Nivola Ginger And Rosa

Ginger & Rosa won several awards including the Virtuoso Award for Elle Fanning at the Santa Barbara International Film, Best Actress to Elle Fanning at the Valladolid International Film Festival and the Just Potter Film Award for Sally in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Zerorojo recommends it to those who enjoy the drama! It’s a film with several outstanding elements and with a good cast.


10 Apr

Shanghai Calling

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The American director Daniel Hsia writes and directs the romantic comedy Shanghai Calling, is the first feature film of Hsia who so far had directed short films and written for american television programs such as Psych and Four Kings. The film tells the story of Sam an ambitious lawyer who works for a north american law firm and that is about to become a partner, however, when he’s just a step away from his long-awaited promotion, his bosses decide send him to Shanghai to deal with a multimillionaire patent case ensuring that he’s the most indicated to do it by his chinese ancestry. The reluctant Sam must travel to Shanghai where he discovers the reality of americans as immigrants and other situations that may change his way of seeing life.

Shanghai Calling is a light comedy, has no transcendental content, but is quite nice, the story is unusual for a romantic comedy and is easy to accept it. The film shows a rare plot: the immigration of americans with the plus that the immigrant is actually a native-foreign. Another highlight point within the story goes by account of cultural clashes and the confusion given by the presumptions over the stereotypes present in some cultures. It’s a very fresh story, part of it goes in the visual aids such as drawings and oversized frames of imagination that obviously cooperates in providing good humor.

Shanghai Calling Daniel Henney

The film has a beautiful photography: shows several points of a Shanghai that shines behind the lens and that seeks to maintain the city as another actor leaving out the tourist squib sensation, in this aspect it should be noted the use of filters as a differentiating marker within the plot: cold tones when Sam is in his work and warm when his out of it. Armando Salas is in charge of the cinematographic aspects of this film.

Shanghai Calling  Eliza Coupe Daniel Henney

When we speak of acting we can’t tell that here are high impact performances, but, in general are good and for a light story are very nice: Daniel Henney is not afraid of be a protagonist, he does quite well his role and knows how to give the turn to the nature of his character in a convincing manner. Eliza Coupe is not profiled as a lead figure, she needs to be more emotive, although is evident that she had prepared her role. Local cast as Zhu Zhu and Geng Le brings life to the story and as support actors are essential for the performance of the protagonists.

Shanghai Calling Zhu Zhi Geng Le

In 2012 Shanghai Calling won the award for Best Writer in the Shanghai International Film Festival and the award for Best New Director/Outstanding First Feature in Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, also Daniel Henney won Outstanding Achievement in Acting in Newport Beach Film Festival.

Zerorojo recommends it! is a gentle, humorous and entertaining film. It is not tacky, and, in spite of being so light it can provide a message, as well as the poet Jean de La Fontaine expressed: “A person oftens meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it “.


22 Mar

Something Real andGood

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Luke Rivett directs Something Real And Good. Tells the story of a man and woman that establish relationship in an airport lounge when their flights are delayed by bad weather.

If you want to lose 1 hour and 35 minutes of your life, you can choose this film.

The entire film is designed to know the thoughts of individuals that don’t matter to us, to be witnesses to the “existentialism” from outsiders and how they analyze their own wealth of mental atrocities to finaly get to the idea that be more superficial is the solution to be happier.

 Matt Jones Something Real And Good

Alex Hannant and Matt Jones are the protagonists of this botch and are in charge to do it more boring, seriously sometimes it seems that they didn’t know how to act…

 Alex Hannant Something Real And Good

The story has a good basis: two people meet in an airport and by majeure force get to know each other more, with a similar structure can be entered more interesting situations and dialogs, but NO, it is not the case…it’s all going on a long and boring dialog that does not generate more interest. It is not showy on a visual level and the screenplay is nothing of the other world.

 Something Real and Good

Zerorojo makes the social service to prevent the viewers and tell them that this movie is a terrible waste of time.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES Zerorojo recommends it.


12 Mar

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Lasse Hallström the film director from Stockholm known for works as ¿What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and Dear John, in 2011 brought to the screen the dramatic romantic comedy Salmon Fishing In The Yemen adapted from the eponymous book written by Paul Torday, It tells the story of Alfred Jones and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot characters that meet when an amateur fishing sheikh decides to carry salmon to the rivers of Yemen in order to be able to fish and at the same time to  benefit to his community, Jones will be responsible for making possible the feat and Chetwode-Talbot of all the logistics, in the course of the days Alfred and Harriet unwittingly built a very particular relationship, however, both are committed.


As a spectator it is difficult to imagine what can be expected of a title as this, it’s a little confusing, but if there’s people making golf movies ¿why not of fishing? However, in this film the fishing is not the main subject, is a common thread and the main characters are hanging from it, in reality, well viewed is a beautiful story about how you construct love and friendship, how the people meet and also about love towards a project, idea or dream that you want to become a reality.

Emily Blunt Ewan McGregor

The performances are very delicate, Ewan Mc Gregor and Emily Blunt are the main roles. McGregor seems to be the same as ever, but no, his role of Alfred Jones is well-calculated: The scientific attitude mixed with Asperger syndrome leads him to build a complex character but highly practical and credible, perhaps one of the great qualities of the scottish is that never exaggerates or oversteps his roles. By the side of Blunt we are faced with something similar to what she always does, not because the actress missing versatility, perhaps the subject is situated in the roles she chooses or for which she is selected, is a great actress and in this case is very moving, but she needs more projects that exploit her talent like her participation in the Devil Wears Prada. Kristin Scott Thomas is responsible for the humorous part of the film excellent challenge for the actress to make comedy from the coldness of her character.

Kristin Scott Thomas Salmon Fishing In TheYemen

Zerorojo Recommends it! Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, does not have the ever-present issue, is entertaining, it also has a very nice photography and quite emotive, reflexive and solid scripts.