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6 Mar

BacheloretteNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Bachelorette is a 2012 film written and directed by Leslye Headland more recognized for her work as a writer for television. This film shows a moment in the life of four friends who are close since high –school time: Regan, Katie, Gena and Beckie, the latter will be the first in the quartet in get married this arouses the envy of Regan who is designated as her maid of honor, the evening prior to the marriage, when Becky goes to rest, Regan and Katie accidentally damaged the wedding dress and from that moment starts a race against time to fix the problem, in the midst of this the friends will be involved in several situations that in a certain way will make them rethink the lives that they lead.

Kirsten Dunst Lizzy Caplan

Oh My God! It must be said here…this story is full of a single word: meanness, it’s very complex see what the filmakers try to sell you here, that 4 real friends can be so petty between them. Bachelorette can be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, offers you at first view a light comedy but it has very few of it: it’s a film quite bluntly, in fact presents us selfish, petty, dislocated people, drug addicts, among others. This does not really represent a problem, it is a portrait of a possible reality, but certainly surprises.

Dunst Fisher Caplan

The performances are fine, everybody play an adjusted rol: Kirsten Dunst is the leader of the group of friends, the actress is constantly dancing on the dividing thin line between being a complete harpy and a good friend. Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan interpret very similar roles of unsafe sybarites, the difference lies in the fact that while one is bright, cheerful the other is dark and indecisive.

Isla Fisher

Honestly, Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it: it is a film that does not make greater contribution to the cinema or the people. It does not shine by any side: nor in technical terms, nor in the music, nor in the script…nothing. But, of course, if you want to see how is the behave of the worst friends, this may be a good choice. In any case there are better movies to see.



6 Mar

BacheloretteNota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película.

Bachelorette es un film de 2012 escrito y dirigido por Leslye Headland más reconocida por su trabajo como escritora para televisión. Este film muestra un momento en la vida de cuatro amigas que son unidas desde el colegio: Regan, Katie, Gena y Beckie, esta última será la primera del cuarteto en casarse lo que despierta la envidia de Regan quien es designada como su dama de honor, la noche previa al matrimonio, cuando Becky se retira a descansar, Regan y Katie dañan accidentalmente el vestido de novia y desde ese momento inicia una carrera contra el tiempo para arreglar el problema, en medio de ello las amigas se verán envueltas en varias situaciones que de cierto modo las harán replantearse las vidas que llevan.

Kirsten Dunst Lizzy Caplan

Oh Dios Mío! Cabe decir acá…esta historia está llena de una sola palabra: mezquindad, es muy complejo ver que intenten venderte que 4 amigas verdaderas puedan ser tan mezquinas entre ellas. Bachelorette puede calificarse como un lobo vestido de oveja, te ofrece a primerísima vista una comedia light pero de ello tiene muy poco: es una película bastante cruda, de hecho nos presenta personas egoístas, mezquinas, desubicadas y drogadictas, entre otros. Esto realmente no representa un problema, es un retrato de una realidad posible, pero ciertamente sorprende.

Dunst Fisher Caplan

Las actuaciones son buenas en general, cada quien se adueña de su papel: Kirsten Dunst es la líder del grupo de amigas, la actriz baila constantemente sobre la delgada línea divisoria entre ser una completa arpía y una buena amiga. Isla Fisher y Lizzy Caplan interpretan papeles muy similares de sibaritas inseguras, la diferencia radica en que una es brillante, alegre y la otra es oscura e indecisa.

Isla Fisher

Honestamente, Zerorojo no la recomienda: es una película que no hace mayor aporte al cine o las personas. No brilla por ningún lado: ni en lo técnico, ni en la música, ni en el guión…nada. Claro que si usted quiere ver como se comportan los malos amigos, esta puede ser una buena elección. En todo caso hay mejores películas para ver.


22 Feb

RobotAndFrankPosterNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Jake Schreier the American director dedicated to do short films, music videos and commercials, Makes his debut in the big screen with Robot & Frank a film that develops In the near future and that tells the twilight in the life of Frank, a former professional thief that in his maturity and retreatment begins to have memory problems, his eldest son worried about his loneliness and disorderly lifestyle, decides to give Frank a robot that will be responsible for the work of the house and to take care of his health, the man despite being initially reluctant to the idea ends up accepting the robot, convert it his friend and step in…his accomplice.


Excellent story, is entertaining, critical and not very predictable. Tap sensitive points as the complexity of life in old age, the loneliness, the lack of spirit, family life and the changes that suffers, but also shows that it’s not the end and that in these outlying areas there is much to offer, by thinking and devise and that the difficulty to assume a challenge does not lie in the age, lies in the mind, as well makes a balance on the friendship and those on whom we found it.


Robot & Frank accounts with an excellent cast led by Frank Langella who succeeds in remarkable way illustrating the need to pretend strength when there is not, the bewilderment of see the lucidity escaping without reverse and the struggle to contain the leak. Liv Tyler and James Marsden are the sons of Frank, both have diametrically opposed viewpoints on how their father should live, each actor in their measure expresses the concern of being there and take care of the situation as they believe should be. Susan Sarandon is a good “friend” of Frank, is the librarian of the town and his anchor point with the reality. Peter Sarsgaard is the voice of Robot. No actor leaves nothing to be desired, all are excellent.


The composition, plans and locations are aesthetic and realistic. The technology shown in the film is completely adequate, convincing.


Robot & Frank In 2012 won the prize that the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grants at the Sundance Film Festival, a recognition of $20,000 to those films that deal with the topic of technology, science, mathematics or engineering.


In short, Zerorojo recommends it: has an original and ingenious story, excellent performances, it’s quite touching without reaching to be overly dramatic. A film very balanced and fresh! Thumbs up.