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4 Mar


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


As well Zerorojo has been professed from the beginning this blog is not totally dedicated to the latest releases, although it’s obviously better to talk about today, it’s also important to speak of certain films that despite not being recent are true jewels of the cinema, such is the case with The Kids Are All Right a 2010 film by Lisa Cholodenko the director known for projects as Laurel Canyon and other contributions to the television world like her collaboration with the L Word.

Annette Bening Juliane Moore

The Kids Are All Right tells the story of a unique family structure: Joni and Laser are the sons of Nic and Jules a homosexual marriage that to conform its family resorted to the donation of sperm. Laser was always curious to know the donor and convinces her sister to seek him when she reaches the legal age, there is when they meet Paul a man who lives by instinctive way and that have not purchased greater commitments to anyone, however he will change many of his perceptions when he gets integrated with the kids and their mothers, in the same way, the presence of Paul within the family nucleus will shake substantially the relations among its members.

Mark Ruffalo

This is an excellent story not only because it can happen it is also because between scenes is highlighted one aspect of the social reality, the reality of family life and youth. It is soulful, spicy, peaceful and agitated, contains elements worthy of a good plot that look to entertain and make the audience think at the same time. The critical reception was good in its time, that made this film deserved several nominations at the Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild, in a strange manner only won the Golden Globe for Best Film Musical or Comedy and the Golden Globe for Best Actress with Annette Bening.


While the story is the entry in this film, the performances are the main dish, they are just wonderful, the cast has major names: Annette Bening and Juliane Moore give life to a credible homosexual marriage, nothing is forced and the roles are clearly defined, Bening has the reins of the situation and Moore within her insecurities leaves razing by her partner’s strengths. Mark Ruffalo who executes the role of the donor tints the personality of his character when it’s open to the experience of living a life that never considered his, however the actor before anything interprets that weakness so characteristic of the human: to be seduced, sin and forgive by all at the same time. Last but not least important we have the brothers played by Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson recognized youth talents that they embody perfectly the doubts of the youth, each one playing its role are to the height of the cast…excellent performances.

Mia Wasikowska Josh Hutcherson

If you are reading this and have not seen The Kids Are All Right, Zerorojo recommends you to do it , this movie makes a good approach to several levels of relationships that the human being handles: friendship, relationships, brotherhood, and undoubtedly makes a call to see the current styles of life and to have an open mind on the same.



4 Dec

Being FlynnNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Paul Weitz (American Pie, Little Fockers) has surprised us with the direction of Being Flynn, a drama adapted from the novel Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (by Nick Flynn), it tells the story of Nicholas Flynn, a young man who after growing alone with his mother, remains in the eternal waiting for his father, a man who he have only known by letters in which always ensures that is a writer and that his novel will be a classic in the literature. Just when Nicholas ceases to hope, when no longer cares at all who is, was or will be his father, he reappears in his life showing himself as he is: a dreamer, alcoholic and away from the reality man, features that end up by placing father and son in the same spot, some will learn from the situation, others don’t.

Being Flynn is about several realities: be someone and be nobody, alcoholism, the life of the homeless, the ones that help the homeless, but before anything it aims to the idea of make our life according to our own patterns, about write our history without being influenced by the mistakes of others. Speaking of writing it sadly remains the cliché that the good stories emerge of the worst moments in life.

Like in any drama story its success depends heavily on the actors: Robert De Niro (Limitless, Stardust) and Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) are the delegates to interpret the father and son duo in a completely credible and sufficient manner. Dano is all the time in a debate between the conflict to forgive the abandonment of his father and at the same time of not leave him alone, he completely transmitted the frustration and helplessness that the situation causes him, in his performance there are no voids and it’s quite realistic. De Niro shines in this role, long time without seeing this actor playing a character so full of emotions, of ghosts, of life, of reality and he makes it perfectly: in spite of the “madness” of the character all the time can be glimpsed a note of melancholy that shows us his awareness of the reality that attitude remains strong until the final scene. Juliane Moore intervenes as the mother of Nicholas, a worker and spontaneous woman that never intend to hide the reality of the world and the life to her son, a role well executed.

The film handles cold colors, the story takes place in winter and the story cooperates to make this happen. There are pan out takes, seeking to show the realities and the lifestyles of the characters, very natural locations, nothing to look for aesthetic or dazzling fashion designers, as an example we can take the perfect recreation of the house of Jonathan Flynn,  in that way and not otherwise should live a person like him.

Very good movie, Zerorojo recommends it but not before making the warning that the viewer is not going to confront a garden of roses, on the contrary: It is a film that tells quite hard and sad conflicts but also shows the way to solutions. A point in favor is that tells a fresh story, unconventional, without romance, shots, or laughter…pure reality.

“Who in livin hell would want to  make a movie about your life?, that would be one boring,  redundant piece of shit movie.”[1]… Weitz took up the challenge and triumphed.

[1] Robert de Niro line as Jonatan Flynn. Min 35.


4 Dec

Being Flynn

Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película.


Paul Weitz (American Pie, Little Fockers) nos sorprende con la dirección de Being Flynn, un drama adaptado de la novela Another Bullshit Night In Suck City (por Nick Flynn) nos cuenta la historia de Nicholas Flynn, un joven que tras crecer solo con su madre, permanece en la eterna espera de su padre a quien sólo conoce por cartas en las que siempre le asegura que es un escritor y que su novela será un clásico de la literatura, justo cuando Nicholas deja de esperar, cuando ya no le importa en absoluto quien es, fue o será su padre, este vuelve a aparecer en su vida mostrándose tal como es: un hombre soñador, alcohólico y alejado de la realidad características que terminan por situar a padre e hijo en el mismo lugar, unos aprenderán de la situación, otros no.


Being Flynn se acerca a varias realidades: ser alguien y ser nadie,  el alcoholismo, la vida de los desamparados, de los que ayudan a los desamparados, pero antes que nada habla de hacer nuestra vida de acuerdo a nuestros patrones, de escribir nuestra historia sin que se vea influenciada por los errores de otros. Si de escritura se trata tristemente permanece el cliché de que las buenas historias surgen de los peores momentos de la vida.


Al ser una historia dramática su éxito depende mucho de sus actores: Robert de Niro (Limitless, Stardust) y Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine)  son los delegados para interpretar a padre e hijo de manera completamente verosímil y suficiente. Dano todo el tiempo se debate entre el conflicto de perdonar el abandono de su padre y a la vez de no abandonarlo, transmite completamente la frustración e impotencia que le causa la situación, en su actuación no hay vacíos y resulta bastante realista. De Niro por su parte asombra, llevaba bastante tiempo sin interpretar a un personaje tan cargado de emociones, de fantasmas, de vida, de realidad y lo hace a la perfección, a pesar de la “locura” del personaje todo el tiempo se puede vislumbrar en él una nota de melancolía que nos muestra su conciencia de la realidad actitud que mantiene firme hasta la última escena.  Juliane Moore interviene como la madre de Nicholas, una mujer trabajadora y espontánea que nunca pretende esconder la realidad del mundo y de la vida a su hijo, un papel bien ejecutado.


La cinta maneja colores fríos, la historia se desarrolla en invierno y el tema coopera para que esto sea así. Hace manejos de planos generales, que buscan captar las realidades y los estilos de vida de los personajes, locaciones muy naturales, nada de buscar estéticas deslumbrantes o diseñadores de moda, como ejemplo podemos tomar la perfecta recreación de la casa de Jonatan Flynn, así y no de otro modo debe vivir una persona como él.


Muy buena película, Zerorojo la recomienda no sin antes hacer la advertencia de que el espectador no se va a enfrentar a un jardín de rosas, todo lo contrario: es una película que narra conflictos bastante duros y tristes pero también muestra el  camino hacia las soluciones. Un punto a favor es que narra una historia fresca, no convencional, sin romances, tiros, ni risas…pura realidad.


“Quien diablos querría hacer una película de tu vida? sería una película de mierda, aburrida y redundante”[1]…Weitz asumió el reto y salió triunfante.

[1] Parlamento de Robert de Niro como Jonatan Flynn. Minuto 35.