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30 May

I Give It A Year

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

I Give It A Year is a British romantic comedy directed by Dan Mazer writer who collaborated in the preparation of characters such as Ali G and Borat. It tells the story of Nat and Josh a couple that in full crush phase decides to marry, when the beauty of engagement blurs, the couple begins to wonder if they made the right decision when they said I Do in the altar.

 I Give It A Year

This is a very light story, that is to say: no tears, despite the fact that is very difficult to deal with the presented situation in real life,  the film aim to lightening problems with humorous situations and some wacky dialogs. Definitely It is not the best British romantic comedy in the market, in some opportunities the dialogs are fairly loose, especially those who seek to make you laugh.


The performances don’t exceed any expectation, curiously isn’t due the cast (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker) the story is too poor for great performances, natural actors could do it and you never notice any difference.

The most redeeming feature of the film is its message, it can make some viewers question themselves: am I ready to get married? Or, am I ready to get married with my current partner? …

Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! There’s still a belief that we can see better movies, better British comedies.



7 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Ok, ok! This is 2010 film, but Zerorojo is not precisely devoted to deal with the latest releases, and there are movies such as this that deserve a review: is a good film and it wasn’t part of the big “booms” of the industry. Last Night is a drama directed by Massy Tadjedin debuting in this rol, between her recognized work as a writer we can mention The Jacket (2005).

Joanna and Michael Reed are a young couple who live the typical uncertainties of the marriage, the relationship is tested when Michael makes a business trip with her sensual work colleague and in parallel Joanna meets with a love of her past.


The story is very interesting, the spectator don’t stop wondering what would do in the place of the characters, as well is present the question: which of the characters is wrong or in greater lack. The dialogs are intelligent, well thought out and very real. The situations are totally possible, there is nothing implausible or reinforced. The film poses a moral  and ethical dilemma governed by human weakness.


The acting, Zerorojo can qualify it as formidable: Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet and Eva Mendes outlining their positions, entering in the game to tempt and be tempted putting on the table the seduction card to achieve an incredible intensity of feelings. Masculine roles are completely remarkable: Worthington expresses all the anxiety, the doubt and the internal struggle that his character feels in the absence of his wife and Canet by his side is completely intense: radiates with success the frustration, love, and the powerlessness of his character.


The story was filmed on New York, moves between the bohemian and the sophisticated, in the same way it could be rated the style provided to costume design, makeup and props.


Zerorojo recommends it, because in addition to having a very good open end, definitely it invites the viewer to take an opinion of the situation, to delve into the story, interesting theme for men or women, the proposed scenario can happen to anyone in a relationship. Thumbs up! Good story and remarkable performances.