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30 May

I Give It A Year

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

I Give It A Year is a British romantic comedy directed by Dan Mazer writer who collaborated in the preparation of characters such as Ali G and Borat. It tells the story of Nat and Josh a couple that in full crush phase decides to marry, when the beauty of engagement blurs, the couple begins to wonder if they made the right decision when they said I Do in the altar.

 I Give It A Year

This is a very light story, that is to say: no tears, despite the fact that is very difficult to deal with the presented situation in real life,  the film aim to lightening problems with humorous situations and some wacky dialogs. Definitely It is not the best British romantic comedy in the market, in some opportunities the dialogs are fairly loose, especially those who seek to make you laugh.


The performances don’t exceed any expectation, curiously isn’t due the cast (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker) the story is too poor for great performances, natural actors could do it and you never notice any difference.

The most redeeming feature of the film is its message, it can make some viewers question themselves: am I ready to get married? Or, am I ready to get married with my current partner? …

Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! There’s still a belief that we can see better movies, better British comedies.



30 May

I Give It A Year

Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película.

I Give It a Year es una comedia romántica británica dirigida por Dan Mazer escritor que colaboró en la preparación de personajes como Ali G y Borat. Nos cuenta la historia de Nat y Josh una pareja que se conoce y en plena fase de enamoramiento decide casarse, cuando se difumina la belleza del noviazgo, la pareja empieza a preguntarse si tomó la decisión correcta al dar el acepto en el altar.

 I Give It A Year

La historia es muy ligera, es decir: no lágrimas, a pesar de que la situación presentada es muy difícil de afrontar en la vida real, en la película se busca aligerar la problemática con situaciones humorísticas y algunos diálogos disparatados. Definitivamente no es la mejor comedia romántica británica que hay, los diálogos en oportunidades son bastante flojos, sobretodo aquellos que pretenden hacer reír.


Las actuaciones no sobrepasan ninguna expectativa, esto no se debe tanto a los actores en sí (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker) si no a la historia que no da para grandes interpretaciones, lo mismo podrían ser ellos o actores naturales.

Lo más rescatable de la cinta es el mensaje, puede hacer que algunos espectadores se cuestionen: estoy listo para casarme? O estoy listo para casarme con mi pareja actual?….de resto….

Zerorojo no la recomienda! Aún se mantiene la fe de que hay películas mejores, comedias británicas mejores.


7 May

See Girl Run

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Nate Meyer directs this film of 2012. It tells the story of Emmie a woman tired of the routine of her marriage of five years who decides to return to her hometown to reunite with her high school boyfriend, however the trip will bring revelations that will make her reconsider her path.

 See Girl Run Robin Tunney

While the general history brings a beautiful message, the filmmakers could save a lot of money by making it as a short film. In the eagerness to fill space develops the more absurd situations: a woman makes an entire trip to see her former boyfriend and she hides from him the entire film, a man who seeks to live painting frogs and the worst thing of all is that his dad gives him money to pursue his “great” dream. Seriously, what kind of plot is that? The dialogs are insubstantial…honestly leaves too few to remember. Unbearably slow.

 Robin Tunney See Girl Run

See Girl Run is starring by Robin Tunney and Adam Scott, as in the previous entry of Zerorojo (Not Fade Away), it may be said that the performances are not bad…the story is not the best and because of that doesn’t generate any interest: good actors doing their best to convert the film into something acceptable.

 Adam Scott See Girl Run

The photography doesn’t impact at any level and doesn’t take good advantage of the locations.

The soundtrack is not consistent with the scenes, is not in accordance to the situations.

The idea is not to destroy a film, the idea is that the filmmakers come into a certain degree of awareness about the viewers time: a movie costs money and effort and for the same reason it is worth thinking very well in the acceptance of the final product.

Unless you are going through a crisis in your marriage Zerorojo not recommend it! A good message wasted in a bad plot…sad but true!


3 Apr

Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Velntine 3

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Blue Valentine is a 2010 film directed by Derek Cianfrance. Tells the story of Cindy and Dean a marriage deteriorated by a chronic fatigue that neither the love can ease. Thus the plot comes and goes between the present of the couple and their memories of the past, which establishes a contrast between the energy the duo had to start their relationship and the monotony of the present.

The story is interesting in one point: it is a faithful portrait of the heaviness within a relationship, is not a glimmer of fairy tale, it makes a suggestive progression that shows how in love is not enough to have good intentions, how sometimes the love is not sufficient to maintain a relationship. The cinema has been commissioned to show us many couple fights, and in the same way has found a way to get them to points of conciliation, Blue Valentine has this in its favor: is not the usual, the typical fight, the typical reconciliation…is more humane and puts on the balance the fairy tale and the reality ¿what weighs more?

 Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Valentine

The movie handles very chords environments to each situation, for example, the house of the parents is an environment and another very different the couple’s home, as well through locations and props is transmitted in a clear way the life style of each individual. There is a continuous use of extreme close up that may be uncomfortable, but this probably due to the fact that is not very common to find movies with this type of framing and there is not much familiarity with it. It can be perceived  considerable use of manual camera, that gives a natural air to some scenes.

Michelle Williams as Cindy and Ryan Gosling as Dean in BLUE VALENTINE

The performances are brilliant, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling have a special chemistry, in other words, in the scenes before the marriage the actors cast a tangible but contained electricity cause each character has a defined life project, but the chemistry continues operating in the scenes after the marriage, both Williams and Gosling seem to know each other from a long time ago and transmit it in a completely credible way, they imply that they know what the other thinks with their gestures, gazes, sighs and replies. In summary the actors bring Cindy and Dean characters almost to real life. Excellent!

A small point that Zerorojo recommends to those who haven’t seen this film is to observe in detail the photos of the end credits, they are highly admirable: have beautiful colors, composition and drawings. It worths to see.

Michelle Williams Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine 1

Zerorojo recommends it. Has an interesting topic that is not averse to anyone, is realistic, emotional, well-worked, the dialogues could be more loaded with content, but its simplicity does not affect the plot. The performances are highly recommended. However is good to clarify that this is not a film suitable for someone who wants action or pure adrenaline, an ideal audience is aware of the gender of the film that sees and knows what to expect from it, when this is accepted there is no space to the frustration.

Blue Valentine is a clear example of how a good movie does not depend on a budget while it has three key elements: good story, good performances and love for the project.


12 Mar

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Lasse Hallström the film director from Stockholm known for works as ¿What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and Dear John, in 2011 brought to the screen the dramatic romantic comedy Salmon Fishing In The Yemen adapted from the eponymous book written by Paul Torday, It tells the story of Alfred Jones and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot characters that meet when an amateur fishing sheikh decides to carry salmon to the rivers of Yemen in order to be able to fish and at the same time to  benefit to his community, Jones will be responsible for making possible the feat and Chetwode-Talbot of all the logistics, in the course of the days Alfred and Harriet unwittingly built a very particular relationship, however, both are committed.


As a spectator it is difficult to imagine what can be expected of a title as this, it’s a little confusing, but if there’s people making golf movies ¿why not of fishing? However, in this film the fishing is not the main subject, is a common thread and the main characters are hanging from it, in reality, well viewed is a beautiful story about how you construct love and friendship, how the people meet and also about love towards a project, idea or dream that you want to become a reality.

Emily Blunt Ewan McGregor

The performances are very delicate, Ewan Mc Gregor and Emily Blunt are the main roles. McGregor seems to be the same as ever, but no, his role of Alfred Jones is well-calculated: The scientific attitude mixed with Asperger syndrome leads him to build a complex character but highly practical and credible, perhaps one of the great qualities of the scottish is that never exaggerates or oversteps his roles. By the side of Blunt we are faced with something similar to what she always does, not because the actress missing versatility, perhaps the subject is situated in the roles she chooses or for which she is selected, is a great actress and in this case is very moving, but she needs more projects that exploit her talent like her participation in the Devil Wears Prada. Kristin Scott Thomas is responsible for the humorous part of the film excellent challenge for the actress to make comedy from the coldness of her character.

Kristin Scott Thomas Salmon Fishing In TheYemen

Zerorojo Recommends it! Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, does not have the ever-present issue, is entertaining, it also has a very nice photography and quite emotive, reflexive and solid scripts.

This Is 40

6 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Judd Apatow the american director known for produce and direct comedies such as Year 40 year old virgin and Funny people, presents This Is 40, starring Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, the film tells the story of one moment in the life of Pete and Debbie and the series of circumstances they face once admitted to the 40 years, such as their fears, confront the change, confidence in the couple, the education of children, relationships with parents among others.


The film is quite circumstantial, the spectator comes to have the feeling that it’s a compendium of stories that the director exchange with some friends and joined it to bring them to life, presents very common situations. What saves it is that is not unpleasant and at times the dialogs have certain type of intelligence.this-is-forty06


The performances are not big thing, Paul Rudd makes Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann makes Leslie Mann and of course Megan Fox makes Megan Fox…there’s not much to rescue except that they are all relaxed in their roles.Megan-Fox,-Leslie-Mann,-This-Is-40


Zerorojo does not recommend it, there are other things to lose the time unless you have uncertainty of what would be the fears or situations that yo might face at your 40 years of life…is on you to judge.


This Is 40

6 Jan


Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película


Judd Apatow el director norteamericano conocido por producir y dirigir comedias como 40 Year Old Year Virgin y Funny People, presenta This is 40, protagonizada por Leslie Mann y Paul Rudd, la película narra un momento en la vida de Pete y Debbie y la serie de circunstancias que se les presentan una vez ingresan a los 40 años tales como sus temores, enfrentarse al cambio, la confianza en la pareja, la crianza de los hijos, las relaciones con los padres entre otras.


El film es bastante circunstancial, el espectador llega a tener la sensación de que es un compendio de historias que el director intercambió con algunos amigos y las unió para darles vida, presenta situaciones demasiado comunes. La salva que no es desagradable y que por momentos los diálogos tienen cierto tipo de inteligencia.



En cuanto las actuaciones, Paul Rudd hace de Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann hace de Leslie Mann y por supuesto Megan Fox hace de Megan Fox…no hay mucho que rescatar allí salvo que todos se ven relajados en sus papeles.


Zerorojo no la recomienda, hay otras cosas en que perder el tiempo a menos que usted tenga incertidumbre de cuáles serían los temores o situaciones que se le podrían presentar a sus 40 años de vida…ya queda a su juicio.