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23 Apr

A Late Quartet

Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película.


A Late Quartet es un drama de 2012 escrito y dirigido por Yaron Zilberman, es el primer film del israelí-americano creador del documental Watermarks  basado en la historia del equipo judío femenino de nado en 1930. A Late Quartet muestra la historia de un cuarteto de cuerdas que a la llegada de su 25º aniversario debe atravesar duros trances que pondrán a prueba su estabilidad como cuarteto y como amigos de vida.

A Late Quartet Scene

La historia es muy buena: tenemos un castillo de naipes que escena a escena se cae a pedazos, pero, lo que hace realmente significativa a esta historia es la elaborada concepción de cada personaje, todos están tan bien estructurados que el espectador no tiene otra opción que conectarse con cada uno y sentir simultáneamente los dolores, impotencias y angustias que refleja el cuarteto en conjunto e individualmente.

A resaltar la dirección de arte que se ve reflejada en el diseño de interiores todos los espacios son muy característicos a cada personaje, estilos de vida y personalidades reflejadas en objetos.

 Philip Seymour Hoffman A Late Quartet Scene

El punto fuerte de esta película es sin duda alguna la actuación: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener y Mark Ivanir, interpretan al cuarteto que por 25 años ha compartido vida y trabajo, todos y cada uno son conmovedores, mejoran el guión y lo hacen convincente, para el espectador es totalmente imposible permanecer indiferente a la historia personal que expone cada actor; sumado a eso está el aspecto musical que, en cuanto a actuación se lleva un 10, ellos parecen tocar y parecen sentir lo que tocan es simplemente impresionante.

A Late Quarte Christopher Walken

La banda sonora como es de esperarse juega un papel importante, no sólo en la trama si no en establecer situaciones, de tensión, tristeza o ímpetu. La concepción que tienen los personajes sobre los músicos que interpretan hace entrar en sintonía con el mundo de la música de cámara y apreciar el valor de la misma en esa y otras formas.

En resumen, Zerorojo la recomienda! Excelentes actuaciones que hacen cobrar al guión una fuerza impresionante. Aclaración es drama, DRAMA!



20 Feb

sinister-movie-posterNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Scott Derrickson known for projects such as The Day The Earth Stood Still and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose presents Sinister, a horror film that shows a turning point in the life of Ellison Oswalt and his family. Oswalt is a writer that after attempting to arise in the field of science fiction without success decides to change of gender and dedicate himself to investigate on unresolved cases of real life, this bring him the triumph and fame desired, when aims to start one of his new projects he finds harsh realities that go beyond his understanding, in his desire to seek the truth Oswalt will put at risk his life and of his family.sinister-movie-image-ethan-hawke-011

The story of sinister is not new, as in many other cases of the genre well may be a patchwork quilt of various movies, of course, achieved the task of cause horror and perhaps is to highlight that unlike other films doesn’t make use of unexpected sounds to generate a spooky atmosphere, in other words: The image and the story are the elements accordingly employed in pursuit of tense reactions in the spectator …very few horror films can afford such a luxury.

The photography is not dazzling, is more, borders on the normal, the responsibility of creating an environment truly electrifying lies in the handling of cameras and the monitoring of these during each scene: start with a place and auscultate it in a convenient and detained way in all the points that, when you join them, will generate the startle reflex.sinister

Ethan Hawke personifies Ellison Oswalt a quiet man who gradually loses security and gradually gets near to a controlled madness to be wary about what is possible and what’s not. Hawke is responsible to take each situation without exaggerating it more than is necessary, is not the role of his career, but he does it well.sinister-horror-film

Sinister can, in effect, have positively differentiating points with respect to other horror films, in addition to the above can be highlighted that focuses more on generating the amazement of the public with the situations that offers than with easy tricks, it dedicates to disturb the psyche with events not with exorbitant makeups.

In an incredible way Sinister had good reviews, perhaps because the way its developed is obviously very different from what the terror accustomed us from long ago, Zerorojo considers it as a good starting point to straighten the gender, but, not recommends it, the abuse of clichés touches the implausible: if we took in an orderly way multiple scenes from films of this genre and put it together in sequence we could appreciate a good “Frankenstein of Sinister”, that is the big error of this film: abandon a lot the story, its elements and in a terrible manner this cheapers it in alarming quantities… in this particular case it seems that the filmmakers thought: it’s not about the story, Is the way you tell it. Big mistake, both are of vital importance.


26 Jan

Partly-Cloudy-poster.pngNote: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

singhpacloudy720p001747Partly Cloudy is an animated short from 2009 directed by Peter Sohn more recognized for his work as an actor (voice) in films like Ratatouille or The Incredibles, the short shows a quite particular angle in the life of the storks. Themed with the music of Michael Giacchino (Ratatouille) Partly Cloudy is constituted as a reminder about loyalty, friendship and nobility.

Zerorojo recommends it!



7 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Ok, ok! This is 2010 film, but Zerorojo is not precisely devoted to deal with the latest releases, and there are movies such as this that deserve a review: is a good film and it wasn’t part of the big “booms” of the industry. Last Night is a drama directed by Massy Tadjedin debuting in this rol, between her recognized work as a writer we can mention The Jacket (2005).

Joanna and Michael Reed are a young couple who live the typical uncertainties of the marriage, the relationship is tested when Michael makes a business trip with her sensual work colleague and in parallel Joanna meets with a love of her past.


The story is very interesting, the spectator don’t stop wondering what would do in the place of the characters, as well is present the question: which of the characters is wrong or in greater lack. The dialogs are intelligent, well thought out and very real. The situations are totally possible, there is nothing implausible or reinforced. The film poses a moral  and ethical dilemma governed by human weakness.


The acting, Zerorojo can qualify it as formidable: Keira Knightley, Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet and Eva Mendes outlining their positions, entering in the game to tempt and be tempted putting on the table the seduction card to achieve an incredible intensity of feelings. Masculine roles are completely remarkable: Worthington expresses all the anxiety, the doubt and the internal struggle that his character feels in the absence of his wife and Canet by his side is completely intense: radiates with success the frustration, love, and the powerlessness of his character.


The story was filmed on New York, moves between the bohemian and the sophisticated, in the same way it could be rated the style provided to costume design, makeup and props.


Zerorojo recommends it, because in addition to having a very good open end, definitely it invites the viewer to take an opinion of the situation, to delve into the story, interesting theme for men or women, the proposed scenario can happen to anyone in a relationship. Thumbs up! Good story and remarkable performances.


This Is 40

6 Jan


Nota: El siguiente post no contiene avances significativos de la trama ni del final de la película


Judd Apatow el director norteamericano conocido por producir y dirigir comedias como 40 Year Old Year Virgin y Funny People, presenta This is 40, protagonizada por Leslie Mann y Paul Rudd, la película narra un momento en la vida de Pete y Debbie y la serie de circunstancias que se les presentan una vez ingresan a los 40 años tales como sus temores, enfrentarse al cambio, la confianza en la pareja, la crianza de los hijos, las relaciones con los padres entre otras.


El film es bastante circunstancial, el espectador llega a tener la sensación de que es un compendio de historias que el director intercambió con algunos amigos y las unió para darles vida, presenta situaciones demasiado comunes. La salva que no es desagradable y que por momentos los diálogos tienen cierto tipo de inteligencia.



En cuanto las actuaciones, Paul Rudd hace de Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann hace de Leslie Mann y por supuesto Megan Fox hace de Megan Fox…no hay mucho que rescatar allí salvo que todos se ven relajados en sus papeles.


Zerorojo no la recomienda, hay otras cosas en que perder el tiempo a menos que usted tenga incertidumbre de cuáles serían los temores o situaciones que se le podrían presentar a sus 40 años de vida…ya queda a su juicio.



17 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Sean Durkin is a young director, writer and producer who gives life in this 2012 to Martha Marcy May Marlene, a drama starring Elizabeth Olsen and Sarah Paulson. The tape shows an episode in the life of Martha, a girl  who leads a erratic life since the death of her mother, in her comes and goes she ends up involved with a “community” that lives in a atypical manner, with them Martha will do and witness reprehensible acts, when she decides to flee to refuge with her older sister, the harm has already been done: Martha is uneasy and paranoid, attitudes that makes her difficult living with his family.



You can’t really see much effort of the filmmakers to give memorable colorations or filters to the scenes, however, the atmospherics and locations are convincing, that captures the attention completely. The film makes a good handling of times but sometimes it’s very obvious: the spectator can predict the precise moment in which the story will go to the past and will return to the present. A key point: the soundtrack, soft and moving.

martha_marcy_may_marleneThe best thing about the film are the performances, Olsen makes her debut as leader actress and the challenge is not large for her, from this and other rolls you can guess that is a very emotional and natural actress, she can easily found the way to communicate the feelings of her characters. In regard to John Hawkes and Sarah Paulson, well they draw in an antonima way two different worlds for Martha…the chaos and the order.


Zerorojo has a divided opinion in front of this film: on one hand has to favor the performances and the story, but on the other hand, it is slow, in this case, it can not be solved with action scenes of course, but the script could be somewhat more effusive, more intelligent, in that way the public would be a bit more attentive to the story. In summary, if the viewer is accustomed to independent cinema and its almost real handling of times, then there will be anything to complain about and Martha Marcy May Marlene becomes as an acceptable alternative.


The independent film always leaves in the mouth an excessive flavor of reality.




13 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


With more experience on the radio than in the cinema Mark Tonderai directs The The House At The End Of The Street, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot and Elizabeth Shue. The film that moves between the genres of horror and psychological thriller brings to the screen the story of Elissa and her mother (Lawrence, Shue) Two women who move to a new home to start a quieter life, however, the house of its neighbors has a dark past full of pain and trauma, their neighbors assured them they have nothing to worry about it, but there is another reality: the house has an inhabitant with dark secrets that will affect them for the rest of their lifes.


Three positive things about this film: the first: locations beautifully achieved, the second: good handling of cameras, the third: the short but attractive intervention of Jennifer Lawrence singing.



Zerorojo cannot say that this film is good, it is not. It’s boring, slow and without meaning, is not even entertaining, the spectator can ask several times when is going to finish. Frustrating. What else can you expect of a horror movie?


What can we find here? : The constant exposure of Lawrence as a sexual object, the typical resource to frighten with sudden sounds, more than one implausible scene and 101 minutes of our lifes…lost.


Bart Simpson says a phrase in the Treehouse Of Horror XVIII that fits quite well to this film and its situations: “What is that unearthly glow? The only sensible thing do is explore on my own.”


Zerorojo does not recommend it. Thumbs down!