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17 Apr

Upside Down Movie

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

In 2012 the Argentine director Juan Diego Solanas directed Upside Down a French-Canadian project of science fiction with the participation of British and American actors: An entire case of globalization. This is a love story in a fictional context that narrates the events that Adam must pass through to be with Eden, the woman he loves, the difficulty lies in the fact that Eden and Adam live in two parallel planets with a reverse gravitational force which do not allow them to go from one planet to another without burning in flames after three hours of visit.

The story is quite original, and the creation of the planets and the social tensions between them is innovative in more than one sense, however, the love story is not resolved in a completely satisfactory way, or, in other words is solved very easily,  but it doesn’t matter: all the love stories tend to be very similar, what makes them transcend are the scenarios and circumstances, and in this case, these scenarios and circumstances are true exponents of a enormous creativity.

 Kirsten Dunst Jim Sturgess Upside Down

Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess have the leading roles, there is not much to say: both are first quality actors, project an intense chemistry and make us believe in their characters, in the love and tenacity of them. The supporting actors have a purpose that is far from being the “puppets” of the protagonists, here they are responsible for establishing a social condition, of exalting the tedium that the oppression produces, to show the human struggles…they are certainly moving.

 Upside Down Jim Sturgess 8

The Upside Down crucial points are its photography and visual effects, these factors make it suitable for all audiences: the creation of the worlds brings us closer to science fiction, fantasy and even a little to the cyberpunk. Each scene has a fascinating and notoriously worked composition, the gravity handling is impeccable, each effect is striking. The photography is just beautiful: there is a symbolism through beautiful colors and filters that express individual and collective feelings. The art direction is difficult to obviate thanks to eternally memorable scenarios and the design of vivid locations, everything is worked until the last consequences, in short, this is a visual high  impact film.

 Upside Down Jim Sturgess

By the aforementioned Zerorojo recommends it! It’s an entertaining, original and well-worked film, an excelent piece of art.




5 Apr

Side Effects Movie Poster

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

In this 2013 Steven Soderbergh illuminates the big screen once again with Side Effects a thriller filled with an unpredictable suspense that surely will delight more than one viewer. The film tells the story of Emily Taylor a woman that constantly goes in and out of a depression disorder, when her husband is released from prison, contrary to the expected, Emily worsens and her mood acquires suicidal instincts, at that time she meets the psychiatrist Jonathan Banks and starts treatment, when he sees the initially recommended drug has not greater effects on Emily, the doctor involves her in a study of a nascent drug in the market, however Banks couldn’t anticipate the side effects of the drug on the patient and on his own life.

Rooney Mara Channing Tatum Side Effecs Movie

When you watch this film, you will think that the synopsis above is incomplete, but is not worth damage a good movie by giving too many details. Side effects can have an adverse begining, is slow and for a moment does not promise much, but the story changes gradually and what for a minute looked flat and boring is transformed and gives life to a complex history that the viewer cannot become unstuck. The plot is attractive because it does not deal with ordinary people, on the contrary, we are witnessing the shots and movements of very fearless, very astute and…very twisted people.

 Side Effects Movie Jude Law

In visual terms we cannot speak of a very sophisticated photography, but in the end it’s not so important, simplicity doesn’t affects the plot, although, talk of simplicity is going too fast: there is a general aesthetic suggestive the human tedium and the urban, this is complemented with a certain warm and dreary filter that appears and disappears along the film.

The performances are very good, it should be noted that none of the actors play the role of their career with this film, but this is because they already had more outstanding roles and is logical with such a cast: Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones , Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum, all give a particular contribution to the story, but in the case of Law, Mara and Zeta-Jones there is an implicit complicity: everybody knows that they’re in a “game”, they smell the intentions of the players but none exposes their cards openly, this enriches the script a lot.

 Side Effects Movie Catherine Zeta Jones

Zerororojo recommends it! Very good plot, unpredictable end, good actors and good pace. It should be noted that in a kind of background gives a message about the use of prescription drugs and portrays an increasingly society dependending on these substances to maintain a minimum of tranquility in its everyday life…oh this chaotic era!


3 Apr

Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Velntine 3

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Blue Valentine is a 2010 film directed by Derek Cianfrance. Tells the story of Cindy and Dean a marriage deteriorated by a chronic fatigue that neither the love can ease. Thus the plot comes and goes between the present of the couple and their memories of the past, which establishes a contrast between the energy the duo had to start their relationship and the monotony of the present.

The story is interesting in one point: it is a faithful portrait of the heaviness within a relationship, is not a glimmer of fairy tale, it makes a suggestive progression that shows how in love is not enough to have good intentions, how sometimes the love is not sufficient to maintain a relationship. The cinema has been commissioned to show us many couple fights, and in the same way has found a way to get them to points of conciliation, Blue Valentine has this in its favor: is not the usual, the typical fight, the typical reconciliation…is more humane and puts on the balance the fairy tale and the reality ¿what weighs more?

 Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Blue Valentine

The movie handles very chords environments to each situation, for example, the house of the parents is an environment and another very different the couple’s home, as well through locations and props is transmitted in a clear way the life style of each individual. There is a continuous use of extreme close up that may be uncomfortable, but this probably due to the fact that is not very common to find movies with this type of framing and there is not much familiarity with it. It can be perceived  considerable use of manual camera, that gives a natural air to some scenes.

Michelle Williams as Cindy and Ryan Gosling as Dean in BLUE VALENTINE

The performances are brilliant, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling have a special chemistry, in other words, in the scenes before the marriage the actors cast a tangible but contained electricity cause each character has a defined life project, but the chemistry continues operating in the scenes after the marriage, both Williams and Gosling seem to know each other from a long time ago and transmit it in a completely credible way, they imply that they know what the other thinks with their gestures, gazes, sighs and replies. In summary the actors bring Cindy and Dean characters almost to real life. Excellent!

A small point that Zerorojo recommends to those who haven’t seen this film is to observe in detail the photos of the end credits, they are highly admirable: have beautiful colors, composition and drawings. It worths to see.

Michelle Williams Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine 1

Zerorojo recommends it. Has an interesting topic that is not averse to anyone, is realistic, emotional, well-worked, the dialogues could be more loaded with content, but its simplicity does not affect the plot. The performances are highly recommended. However is good to clarify that this is not a film suitable for someone who wants action or pure adrenaline, an ideal audience is aware of the gender of the film that sees and knows what to expect from it, when this is accepted there is no space to the frustration.

Blue Valentine is a clear example of how a good movie does not depend on a budget while it has three key elements: good story, good performances and love for the project.


29 Mar

K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

K-20 is a 2008 Japanese film directed by Shimako Sato based on the So Kitamura Novel: Kaijin Nijū Mensō Den. Yes indeed, It’s not the latest premiere, but worths review it when the dissemination of East Asian Cinema is not wide in the West, so is very possible that many people had not the chance to watch it yet.

K-20 is a fiction story located in Japan in the late 40’s, a Japan where World War II never happened and in which the society is in a deep extreme inequality, of this situation arises a very particular thief, a sort of Robin Hood the police have failed to apprehend and named Kaijin-20 by his ability to change appearance and be unrecognizable every time he attacks. K-20 now has a new target and to achieve it will use as a decoy to Heikichi Endo a circus acrobat that will have to face many obstacles in order to be able to escape from the problems in which is immersed because of the thief.

Takeshi Kaneshiro 2 K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

The story is quite entertaining and rich in elements, has excellent and not exaggerate tints of humor that remember a lot the manga or the anime, Added to that the frame is filled with adventures that keep the viewer in tune and attentive to the action sequences, these latest are quite attractive since the parkour is the channel for its development: both in the fight  and persecution scenes the famed discipline makes presence and adds a touch of reality to the presented fiction. On the other hand is a detective story charged with enigma and clichés that makes reminiscent of the mystery cinema of old-times, as well in this multitude of components there is a critical factor to social inequality, towards the indifference that has the powerful people over the needs of their neighbor.

 Takeshi Kaneshiro K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

Takeshi Kaneshiro gives life to Heikichi Endo, with the usual angel that characterizes him the actor achieves an excellent interpretation of a naive and simple man who by force of necessity must find within himself the strength and the ability to overcome adversity, thus suffers a pseudo-transformation in which Kaneshiro provides strength to his character without allowing him to abandon his innate goodness. Takako Matsu plays the role of Yoko Hashiba a high class woman completely underestimated by all those who surround her that is desperate to know the life out of her bubble and live different things, Matsu achieves a tender, foolish and humorous character. Toru Nakamura has the role of a man with a flat and cold personality as the detective in charge of persecuting K-20, Nakamura performs to perfection a necessary low profile to his character.

Takako Matsu Takeshi Kaneshiro K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

The locations, the ambience and visual effects are completely structured, designed and attractive: constantly take the viewer to disparate realities such as wealth and poverty, the real and the imaginary, the old and the modern. Excellent.

 Toru Nakamura Takeshi Kaneshiro K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

Like you expected Zerorojo recommends it: K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces is a film that brings together many elements but is not overloaded, is quite entertaining for what is suitable for all kind of viewers and leads us to a reflection about the productions that are doing in the east: a cinema full of creativity and attractiveness that has few or nothing to envy to the Hollywood creations.


28 Jan


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The American director David O. Russell known by films as I Heart Huckabees and Three Kings, makes the script and brings to the screen the book of Matthew Quick: Silver linings Playbook, a tragicomedy of 2012 that tells the story of Pat Solitano a man with bipolar disorder that after eight months of confinement by aggression in a mental health center comes out and tries to amend the situation assuming a positive attitude, the way for Pat is not easy, but for his fortune accounts with the support of his parents and his extravagant neighboring Tiffany, she will give him a discipline that helps him to come out of the situation that has been haunting him.SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

This is a quite honest film, its appeal lies in the script: there are no claims beyond the stark reality. The story is credible and the reasoning of the characters is its strong point. The situations are somewhat absurd but possible.

The performances are excellent, the actors achieve a unique and remarkable complicity: relations between friends, family and couples are being posed in a concise way that indicate a complex fund. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence created one of the more rare and entertaining couples of the cinema: the first controlling his demons and the second controlling her darkness, as well De Niro is responsible for being the pillar of a dysfunctional, controversial and at the same time united family. Chris Tucker gives a fresh air to the scenes with a fun role that not oversteps.


There is not much to highlight in technical or photography aspects, the film is more intended to tell a story than to compose beautiful scenes, or drawings of aesthetic court, the camera follows close to the characters and sometimes it is more natural than it should.


Silver Linings Playbook has a good reception and numerous nominations for awards such as Golden Globe, Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Awards among others, the subject and the interpretations have captivated the public. Zerorojo recommends it, is a film with a fresh frame within a so predictable market, a good dose of comedy, love and intense reality.


17 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


Sean Durkin is a young director, writer and producer who gives life in this 2012 to Martha Marcy May Marlene, a drama starring Elizabeth Olsen and Sarah Paulson. The tape shows an episode in the life of Martha, a girl  who leads a erratic life since the death of her mother, in her comes and goes she ends up involved with a “community” that lives in a atypical manner, with them Martha will do and witness reprehensible acts, when she decides to flee to refuge with her older sister, the harm has already been done: Martha is uneasy and paranoid, attitudes that makes her difficult living with his family.



You can’t really see much effort of the filmmakers to give memorable colorations or filters to the scenes, however, the atmospherics and locations are convincing, that captures the attention completely. The film makes a good handling of times but sometimes it’s very obvious: the spectator can predict the precise moment in which the story will go to the past and will return to the present. A key point: the soundtrack, soft and moving.

martha_marcy_may_marleneThe best thing about the film are the performances, Olsen makes her debut as leader actress and the challenge is not large for her, from this and other rolls you can guess that is a very emotional and natural actress, she can easily found the way to communicate the feelings of her characters. In regard to John Hawkes and Sarah Paulson, well they draw in an antonima way two different worlds for Martha…the chaos and the order.


Zerorojo has a divided opinion in front of this film: on one hand has to favor the performances and the story, but on the other hand, it is slow, in this case, it can not be solved with action scenes of course, but the script could be somewhat more effusive, more intelligent, in that way the public would be a bit more attentive to the story. In summary, if the viewer is accustomed to independent cinema and its almost real handling of times, then there will be anything to complain about and Martha Marcy May Marlene becomes as an acceptable alternative.


The independent film always leaves in the mouth an excessive flavor of reality.



10 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The Scottish director Lynne Ramsay makes the adaptation to film We Need To Talk About Kevin eponymous book written by the American Lionel Shriver. It’s natural not to connect with the people, not to rely on them, not believing them, however, when all this is felt by a child things change: Eve struggles to connect with his son Kevin, makes all the efforts of a mother by loving and educate him, but Kevin only gives her rejection and evil natural-born apparently, in these circumstances he grows and becomes a human being difficult to decipher, when Eve discovers the true scope of Kevin, may be too late.44692000001_1252993297001_we-need-to-talk-about-kevin-osc-t

The film has good photography, such, that only with images the story could be understood. The symbology of the color is present all the time, an aspect that gives more character to the scenes. There are various locations that are especially responsible to mark the times: past and present.

cannes-2011-3-clips-de-we-need-to-talk-about-kevinThe performances are very good Tilda Swinton expresses perfectly the commotion that causes her the relationship with her child, the impotence and frustration of not being in control of the situation. John C. Reilly gives us a role that has already learned: a good and conciliator man that wants to give reason to all, in the meantime Ezra Miller begins to shore up his nascent career with this dense and full of character role.

we-need-to-talk-about-kevin-movie-poster-600x300Zerorojo recommends this family and social horror drama, not only due to the complexity of the story, also because it shows realities that for many of us are not familiar. Perhaps in some way explains the emergence of certain macabre minds that by moments have paralyzed the world with their sinister acts. Has points of reflection: it does not go in vain, the situation that has arisen in the movie certainly can leave the viewers questioning themselves one or two issues…most of all the importance that parents agree on the education of their children.