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30 May

I Give It A Year

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

I Give It A Year is a British romantic comedy directed by Dan Mazer writer who collaborated in the preparation of characters such as Ali G and Borat. It tells the story of Nat and Josh a couple that in full crush phase decides to marry, when the beauty of engagement blurs, the couple begins to wonder if they made the right decision when they said I Do in the altar.

 I Give It A Year

This is a very light story, that is to say: no tears, despite the fact that is very difficult to deal with the presented situation in real life,  the film aim to lightening problems with humorous situations and some wacky dialogs. Definitely It is not the best British romantic comedy in the market, in some opportunities the dialogs are fairly loose, especially those who seek to make you laugh.


The performances don’t exceed any expectation, curiously isn’t due the cast (Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker) the story is too poor for great performances, natural actors could do it and you never notice any difference.

The most redeeming feature of the film is its message, it can make some viewers question themselves: am I ready to get married? Or, am I ready to get married with my current partner? …

Zerorojo doesn’t recommend it! There’s still a belief that we can see better movies, better British comedies.



12 Mar

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Lasse Hallström the film director from Stockholm known for works as ¿What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and Dear John, in 2011 brought to the screen the dramatic romantic comedy Salmon Fishing In The Yemen adapted from the eponymous book written by Paul Torday, It tells the story of Alfred Jones and Harriet Chetwode-Talbot characters that meet when an amateur fishing sheikh decides to carry salmon to the rivers of Yemen in order to be able to fish and at the same time to  benefit to his community, Jones will be responsible for making possible the feat and Chetwode-Talbot of all the logistics, in the course of the days Alfred and Harriet unwittingly built a very particular relationship, however, both are committed.


As a spectator it is difficult to imagine what can be expected of a title as this, it’s a little confusing, but if there’s people making golf movies ¿why not of fishing? However, in this film the fishing is not the main subject, is a common thread and the main characters are hanging from it, in reality, well viewed is a beautiful story about how you construct love and friendship, how the people meet and also about love towards a project, idea or dream that you want to become a reality.

Emily Blunt Ewan McGregor

The performances are very delicate, Ewan Mc Gregor and Emily Blunt are the main roles. McGregor seems to be the same as ever, but no, his role of Alfred Jones is well-calculated: The scientific attitude mixed with Asperger syndrome leads him to build a complex character but highly practical and credible, perhaps one of the great qualities of the scottish is that never exaggerates or oversteps his roles. By the side of Blunt we are faced with something similar to what she always does, not because the actress missing versatility, perhaps the subject is situated in the roles she chooses or for which she is selected, is a great actress and in this case is very moving, but she needs more projects that exploit her talent like her participation in the Devil Wears Prada. Kristin Scott Thomas is responsible for the humorous part of the film excellent challenge for the actress to make comedy from the coldness of her character.

Kristin Scott Thomas Salmon Fishing In TheYemen

Zerorojo Recommends it! Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, does not have the ever-present issue, is entertaining, it also has a very nice photography and quite emotive, reflexive and solid scripts.


6 Dec


Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

imagesThe directors of Little Miss Sunshine, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris bring us an unusual romantic tragicomedy: Ruby Sparks, written by the protagonist Zoe Kazan, shows us the history of Calvin an acclaimed writer, that early gets admission to fame as a result of his first book, the pressure of his success and the abandonment of his girlfriend while he was in mourning for the death of his father leads him to a block that impedes him to write, for that reason his psychologist ask him to do as a task  to write about a person that would have no objection to accept him, so Calvin begins to write about a young woman with he dreams about …and then Ruby appears.


This is a colorful story, it develops in Los Angeles and all of its environments are bright and vivid. The locations are designed according to their characters, comparison that we can establish with the apartment of Calvin, the home of his mother or his manager, the people expressed in objects and design. The same thing happen with the costume design and arrangements, although this is more usual.


images-1The characters are the most common of the film: Calvin as geek, Ruby as a crazy bohemia, the mother of Calvin and her husband hippie stereotypes and the brother a hunter moored by a marriage, to mention a few, to be true those are characters that we have seen repeated over and over again in hundreds of films and you can even qualify the interpretations as very normal, not come to be stunning. We can see Paul Dano doing a role very recurrent in him, Kazan has a more emotional character but she does not seduce the spectator. It’s nice to see a diva as Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas in their role of hippies, refreshing point of the script.


So far nothing out of the ordinary, nothing unusual, which is valuable in this film is its argument: an original story that goes beyond normality and reality, a tragic love story by its impossibility and by the absolute position of each protagonist: Calvin dominates the life of Ruby and she in turn the life of Calvin…each one ends up becoming a necessary evil for another.


Zerorojo believes that Ruby Sparks can be seen without hindrance: as aromantic comedy breaks several clichés, as a dramatic film is striking but not depressing and in spite of their stereotyped characters is never boring, being a film about love, it has the ability to please men and women and that is a lot to tell.


The rating for this film remains as open topic: is it good or bad? What do you think?