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11 Jul

Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Argentinian Hernan Goldfrid directs this 2013 production a thriller with psychological suspense. The film tells the story of Roberto Bermúdez an eminent lawyer and post graduate professor in his town, when a murder takes place near the university, Bermúdez starts an investigation parallel to the authorities. To be fair is not worth explain more, synopses especially about thrillers can become spoilers with just one misplaced word.

 Ricardo Darin Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

The story is about research, about follow clues and evidence therefore is not something that we haven’t seen before, but it’s entertaining as this genre lends itself to accommodate different situations that aren’t necessarily similar. The plot is well articulated, however unsuccessfully tries to make use of resources already seen in American films especially those having to do with the flashback and is not as masterful as the plot required it.

 Calu Rivero Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio

Ricardo Darin stars this film, this is not new: it seems that all commercial films of this country are starred by Darin … apparently there are no more actors in Argentina, despite this there is no objection to his interpretation as always is genuine and nice, totally mistake of the writers who intend to engage even for seconds a man of 56 years as he with a 26 year girl as Calu Rivero, what a mistake. Rivero offers a flat performance, but it’s most likely to be a script error than an error from the actress, her character is in mourning and the plot takes place in a time of 8 to 9 weeks you can’t perceive a real pain. The antagonist is Alberto Ammann, excellent performance: he hides, goes deep and maintain his mysterious profile, checkmated the characters in the story and so to viewers.

 Alberto Ammann Tesis Sobre un Homicidio

Is a little controversial the use of 2D format for this particular argument …it really doesn’t require it, if all the effort to produce this dimension had invested in improving some aspects of the story would have been more commendable. Controversial, yes, because we are full of technology and effects movies that blatantly disregard the argument which is what ultimately determines if the movie is good or not. For Tesis Sobre Un Homicidio was completely unnecessary and cause already had a good if not excellent photography by Rolo Pulpeiro.


Readers don’t get confused, Zerorojo recommends with tranquillity this movie! Palpable progress of Argentinian cinema and Latin American cinema is a production that has nothing to envy to the giants of the industry. Can’t say more…is necessary to avoid spoilers to the maximum, but it can be said that primary objective is acomplished: to entertain.



26 Jun

The Call movie

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Call is a 2013 thriller directed by Brad Anderson known for his work in The Machinist and the television series Fringe. The film shows a moment in the life of Jordan Turner an operator of the 911 line that faces one of the biggest challenges of her career, that’s all, can’t say more…this synopsis is not going to become a spoiler.

The story is good, well-structured and very entertaining, has peak moments of emotion, it’s of those movies where the viewer feels the need to tell the characters what they should do. Another interesting point is to see how it works a 911 call center, people call but never imagine all the machinery that moves on after dialing the saviors numbers, at the same time shows a reality on the callers and the issues that motivate them to do so.

 Halle Berry

Halle Berry has the main role, thumbs up for her interpretation of Jordan Turner: another role that consolidates her position as a master to transmit any type of emotion, from joy to absolute despair, excellent. Abigail Breslin shines as well with her performance, if you stop to think about it after seeing the film shouldn’t have been a bed of roses perform the role of Casey Welson due the character circumstances.

The photography is good, isn’t shocking but very pleasant, to highlight several panoramic views of the city.

 Abigail Breslin

Zerorojo recommends it! Especially because it’s very entertaining, keeps the audience attentive and the end isn’t predictable. It’s not a story that will go down to posterity, but offers a good time of entertainment. The Call a good mix of action, drama and suspense. Not suitable for people who are looking to find the meaning of life in a movie.


17 Jun

Stoker Movie 2013

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

The Korean Chan Wook Park directs this psychological thriller from 2013, Wook is known in the West for his film Oldboy. The film tells the story of India Stoker a teenager that on her birthday number 18 loses her father in an automobile accident, and with this she has to be cared by her mother, during the funeral arrives Charlie Stoker the uncle of India who she never knew because he was always traveling around the world, Charlie decides to stay a season to accompany his niece and sister in law during their grief, in this time desires and secrets of the family will come to light and  this will change their lives forever.


This is a splendid story, more than good is different, this makes it very valuable for a viewer tired of seeing the same plots over and over again. The suspense and dark psychology line of the script is marchless ‘cause is real suspense, this not depends on a silence followed by an horrendous face that jumps to the screen…is the legitimate suspense where is not predictable what would happen.

The cast is forceful: Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode. Kidman surprised again with a role that allows us to foresee  the  misgivings and frustrations with life, added to that faces a reawakening that allows the character to view the situations with clarity, excellent interpretation. Mia Wasikowska embodies perfectly the mystery personality, however this is an actress who starts to be under suspicion: the roles she choose are always verging on the freaky, it would be ideal to see her performing a normal person to vary. Goode shines with his multifaceted interpretation of Charlie Stoker: is seductive, warm and cold, peaceful and violent, in other words a convincing performance worthy of remembering.

Matthew Goode Nicole Kidman Mia Wasikowska Stoker

Photography and art direction of Stoker have a 10! The colors are in total harmony with the history, many scene compositions seem works of art; the costumes and locations are accurate and loaded with symbolism, some critics haven’t done wrong comparing it with Hitchcock movies.

Highly recommended the soundtrack by Clint Mansell: diverse and categorical.

Mia Wasikowska Stoker

Zerorojo recommends it! Has too many good points to be ignored! Who enjoys the thrillers will find it original, who enjoys photography will find a particular magic difficult to ignore and even music has charm, but before all that this is not the same movie as always and that gives it tons of added value!


3 Dec

The Resident

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.


The Resident is a film of 2011 which intends to be suspense-terror but not, unfortunately not comes to that, there should be already a genre for these failed films: the gender nothing, because that’s all they have to offer…nothing. Directed by the Finnish Antti Jokinen, tells the story of Juliet Deveraux, a doctor who after a break-up decides to search for apartment, for her fortune she finds one in an old building of the 40’s administered by Max a lonely man who quickly gets involved with her and becomes her friend, just when Juliet starts to adapt to her new life she hears strange and disturbing sounds in her apartment.


This tape is proof of one thing: a music video director as Jokinen is ¿should stay doing what? that exactly, MUSIC VIDEOS! at this point is completly legal wonder ¿what in the name of God were thinking about the producers of this film? and even more shameful: ¿could it be that Hillary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are in an economic crisis as to accept projects such discreditable?


The theme of this film has already been covered in many others and  with a better argument, for example Sliver in 1993 (with Sharon Stone and William Baldwin). Certainly it is difficult to decide if it’s suspense or terror but it’s clear that all the time the movie makers are trying to frighten the audience with absurd and strident sounds that do not fit in the story, that kind of thing don’t make it spooky or contribute to the plot.


Zerorojo doesn’t want to talk about takes, or shots, or scripts, or  performances and ultimately don’t want at all to highlight anything in this film that it’s constituted as a great insult to the viewers: it’s only a commercial formula with two excellent actors who serve as bait for the unwary public to lose 91 minutes of their lifes.


Lack of originality and respect.