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26 Apr

Liberal Arts

Note: The following post contains no significant advances of the plot or the end of the film.

Liberal Arts is a 2012 film written, directed and starred by Josh Radnor also known for writing and starring Happythankyoumoreplease a film of 2010 where Radnor made his debut as director. Liberal Arts narrates an episode in the life of Jesse Fisher a school counselor overwhelmed by the daily life of New York, in the middle of the tedium his dearest professor of the university call to inviting him to his retirement party this makes Jesse evokes his university times and see the adult life as an absurd routine in which there is no freedom to live, in the middle of his trip Jesse meets Zibby a 19-year-old girl who shows him a fresh view of the world and enters quickly in his heart, the problem is that Jesse is 35 years old.

 Josh Radnor Elizabeth Olsen Liberal Arts

The story is laudable especially cause it’s possible and realistic, anyone can go through that stage in which recall the youth makes rethinking the adulthood, in other words is a story which many people can be identified with. The script is good enough: it has lucidity moments and flat moments.

 Elizabeth Olsen Josh Radnor Liberal Arts

The criticism point of the film is in its performances and not because these are bad, the matter lies in the fact that Josh Radnor and Elizabeth Olsen are too type-casted, there’s not much difference between this roles and the characters of their latest films, when it comes to act is not enough to have charisma versatility is also very necessary. Supporting actors give a fresh air to the story Richard Jenkins makes us live the anguish of retirement, Elizabeth Reaser interprets a short rol but beautiful and peaceful, despite his brief appearance Zach Efron achieved an interesting, essential and fun presence inside the frame.

Zac Efron Liberal Arts

It would be interesting  that in his coming projects Radnor tries to create stories that don’t focus on him as was the case of Happythankyoumoreplease and now of Liberal Arts, is necessary to let the plot breathe and allow the participation and contributions of others. This doesn’t mean his works haven’t been interesting and worthwhile.

Zerorojo recommends it! is a film in which young people and adults may be interested, however, those who are in their thirties may find higher affinities with the story.